Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.

Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.


How to Find Someone's Email From Social Media

How to Find Someone's Email From Social Media

Feb 7, 2024



Marketers finally choose the perfect influencers for their campaigns after sifting through countless influencer profiles and scrutinizing their engagement metrics. Now, it's time to tackle the pivotal question - how to find someone's email from social media?

Marketers can begin formulating the perfect influencer outreach emails only after acquiring the influencer's email address. So, securing the influencer's email address at the opportune moment is just as vital to the campaign's success.

No need to fret - we've sorted out that matter. Together, let's uncover a handful of methods to retrieve the influencer's email address from various social media platforms.

How to Find Someone's Email From Social Media Manually

Uncovering an influencer's email address begins with a meticulous review of their social media accounts. It's common for influencers to have their details readily available on their accounts, simplifying brand collaboration efforts.

Find Someone's Email From Facebook

  • Checking the About Section

Many influencers list their contact information in the About section of their profiles. This section is often the first and easiest place to check for their email address.

Influencers provide an email for businesses to hire them or for fan interaction. Some influencers include their email in their page's bio or Facebook posts.

  • Utilizing Facebook's Built-in Features

Facebook allows users to send messages requesting contact information directly - a feature marketers can use respectfully to ask for an influencer's email. However, make sure to highlight your interest and reason for reaching out.

Find Someone's Email From LinkedIn

  • Connect With The Influencer

To access someone's email address on LinkedIn, connecting with them is essential. After connecting with them, open the LinkedIn profile and click Contact Info. If the influencer has the email address made available, you can access it there.

  • Leveraging Connections for Introductions

Marketers can utilize their network to get introduced to the influencer whose email they seek. A mutual connection between the marketer and the influencer can facilitate this introduction smoothly.

  • Using LinkedIn's InMail Service

If you don't have a mutual connection, you will have to go for a direct contact on LinkedIn. LinkedIn's InMail service provides a professional way to reach someone with a personalized message.

Find Someone's Email From Twitter

  • Analyzing Tweets and Bio

Influencers on Twitter often include their email in their bio, especially if they're open to business inquiries or collaborations. Review their pinned tweets or tweet history if it is not listed. Some influencers share contact details for specific campaigns or announcements. 

You can use Twitter's advanced search feature to go through the tweets. It helps you to search for and acquire particular information about its users. 

In the Words field, type ‘email’ and the ‘influencer's username’ in the Accounts field of the advanced search. If they have provided their email address in the tweets, you will get it within 30 seconds.

  • Engaging with Direct Messages

Engaging with influencers through Direct Messages (DM) can also be effective. Start by following them and crafting a concise, respectful message expressing your interest and politely asking for their email address for further communication.

Find Someone’s Email From Instagram

  1. Check The Instagram Bio

One of the primary steps in finding someone’s email from Instagram is going through their Instagram bio. If the influencer has a history of promoting brands on Instagram, there's a high probability of finding their email address in the bio.

Find Someone's email from Instagram

  1. Reach Out to the Influencer Through DMs:

However, if the email address isn't visible in the bio, initiating contact through direct message is preferable. Politely articulate your intentions - the influencer is inclined to respond positively if they find your proposal intriguing.

Find Someone's Email Using Google

Finding someone's email through Google can be effective but requires patience and a bit of creativity. The ease of finding an email address varies greatly depending on the person's online presence.

To find the influencer's contact information, it is essential to use some Search operators. You might be wondering what search operators are - they are special characters and commands that enhance regular text searches, allowing for more specific queries.

To find the influencer’s contact details on Google, you can make a search using one of these search operators.

  1. [Influencer's name] + email 

  2. [Influencer's name] + email address

  3. [Influencer's name] + contact 

  4. [Influencer's name] + contact information 

  5. [Influencer's name] + contact me

  6. [Influencer's name] + LinkedIn

  7. [Influencer's name] + ZoomInfo

Find influencer's email address using Google

Find Someone’s Email Through Email Guessing and Verification

Guessing email addresses is rooted in recognizing standard email format patterns organizations use. For instance, combinations of first names, last names, and initials, followed by the company email domain. 

You can try these formats while looking up someone's email.

First name + last name:

First initial + last name:

First name + last initial:

First name only:

Understanding these formats allows individuals to guess a person's email address at a company intelligently. It's beneficial in identifying the influencer's email when other direct contact methods are unavailable or have yet to yield results.

Once you guess an email address, it is essential to verify its validity to avoid bounce-backs or errors. That is when email verification tools play a pivotal role - offering services to check if an email address exists and is active. 

These tools work by:

  • Syntax Check: Verifying the format of the email address is correct.

  • Domain Check: Ensuring the domain name exists and can receive emails.

  • SMTP Check: Directly contact the email server to verify if the email address exists without sending an actual email.

You can also expect some email verification tools to provide additional features, like the ability to verify emails in bulk, integration with other platforms for seamless verification processes, and insights into the deliverability of the email address.

You can enhance your influencer email search journey with these email verification tools. 

  • A simple tool with a vast database of email addresses to easily find and verify emails associated with specific domains.

  • VerifyBee: Offers a comprehensive suite of verification services and CRM integration capabilities.

  • ZeroBounce: A tool that verifies emails and provides data-appending services, enhancing the quality of contact lists.

While guessing and verifying email addresses can be highly effective, it's essential to adhere to best practices to maintain professionalism and respect privacy:

  • Consent: Ensure your contact is relevant and welcomed, avoiding unsolicited spam.

  • Accuracy: Double-check the guessed email format against known addresses from the same company if available.

  • Ethical Use: Use verification tools responsibly, respecting data privacy laws and regulations.

Find Someone’s Email Using Email LookUp Tools

Email lookup tools help find people's email addresses using their names and company details. These tools range in ease of use, but most are user-friendly and designed with a straightforward interface for quick searches.

You are not guaranteed to find the influencer's email using the lookup tools. However, there's nothing wrong with giving it a try.

The email lookup tools include a fixed amount of free searches for you. However, you might have to get a premium subscription if you meet this limit. But don't worry - if you wish to continue searching for free, you can try different tools with free searches.

How to Find Someone's Email From Social Media With SocialiQ Chrome Extension

The SocialiQ Chrome Extension sets the standard for influencer search, offering precise insights into influencer performance. This Chrome extension designed for Instagram marketing is incredibly user-friendly and provides in-depth details about influencer profiles with just a click.

To get started, install the SocialiQ Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store onto your device. 

Install SocialiQ Chrome Extension

On a new tab, visit the influencer's Instagram account and click the SocialiQ extension's icon from the right side of the screen.

Select the SocialiQ Chrome Extension icon

You get detailed insights into the influencer's profile, including engagement rates and post engagement details.

Access Influencer Insights in the SocialiQ Chrome Extension

Select the' View Insights' button to access the influencer's email address.

Access the influencer email address on SocialiQ extension

Apart from email addresses, the extension uncovers additional influencer insights like frequently used hashtags, tagged locations, and tagged accounts. Consequently, the SocialiQ Chrome extension ensures unmatched aid in your pursuit of influencers, assisting you in making well-informed choices. 

How to Find Someone's Email From Social Media With Influencer Marketing Tool-

Designed for effectiveness, influencer marketing tools empower marketers to make well-informed choices in their influencer search process. stands out as a finely curated influencer marketing tool, constructed precisely to cater to your search requirements accurately. 

Let’s explore how facilitates the discovery of an influencer’s email address.

Start by visiting and select the Free Signup button. Further, create an account with your details.

Sign Up With for free

You can find an influencer tailored to your requirements with its curated filters or search for a particular influencer.

Search for an Influencer on

Select Save Influencer to add the influencer, and then select View Profile.

You can access the influencer's email address under the Informations section. This is how makes influencer outreach a walk on the clouds.

Access influencer email address with

With a global database of 250 million influencers, encompasses platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Through its selectively chosen filters, marketers can swiftly identify influencers tailored to their demands within a concise 3-minute window.

You can access detailed influencer analytics on It also helps in influencer relationship management - communication, contract management, and campaign tracking. 

Stay at the forefront of influencer marketing with this ideal tool for influencer search. Start your influencer marketing journey with for free!!

find influencer within seconds using
find influencer within seconds using
find influencer within seconds using
find influencer within seconds using

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