Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.

Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.



Top 9 Chrome Extensions for Instagram Marketing

Top 9 Chrome Extensions for Instagram Marketing

Oct 20, 2023



Best 7 Chrome Extensions for Instagram Marketing
Best 7 Chrome Extensions for Instagram Marketing
Best 7 Chrome Extensions for Instagram Marketing

In the look for free tools to help you with influencer marketing? If yes, you have arrived at the right place. 

There are quite a lot of tools you can use to help you in your journey towards effective influencer marketing. But the problem is that most of them are paid. 

Don’t take this the wrong way; we need paid tools. Yes. But there are some free tools you should be aware of that can help you, and that’s exactly what we are going to do. 

As an Instagram marketer, you should try the extensions on the Chrome Web Store. Nowadays, marketers use different Google Chrome extensions to increase their productive capacity.

Let’s discuss these Chrome extensions for Instagram marketing and see how they can help you. 

Why Chrome Extensions for Instagram?

Instagram has skyrocketed in terms of its influence on digital marketing, branding, and audience engagement.   

With its mobile-centric design, many tasks related to Instagram influencer marketing are traditionally executed on mobile devices. However, this can be somewhat restrictive for marketers who prefer the flexibility and power of desktop tools. This is where Chrome extensions for Instagram step in.  

Benefits of Chrome Extensions for Instagram:  

• Desktop-Friendly Management:  

While Instagram's primary user experience is mobile, many marketers prefer to operate from their desktops. Chrome extensions allow marketers to manage their Instagram activities seamlessly from their computers. This way, it offers a more expansive view, easier typing, and efficient multitasking.  

• Enhanced Features:  

Instagram's native app and website have limitations. Extensions can offer additional tools and features not readily available on Instagram. This might include better analytics or advanced media editing.  

• Improved Analytics:  

While Instagram provides its insights, they might not be sufficient for in-depth analysis. Certain Chrome extensions offer enhanced metrics, tracking tools, and data visualization charts. Doing so provides a more comprehensive view of an account's performance.  

Integration with Other Marketing Tools:  

Chrome extensions can often integrate with other marketing tools and platforms. This offers a unified digital marketing dashboard. For Instagram marketers, this can mean directly linking insights from Instagram to tools like influencer marketing tools, email marketing platforms, and so on. 

Top Chrome Extensions for Instagram

Let's explore top Chrome extensions that have proven to be game changers for Instagram marketers. 

1. SocialiQ

SocialiQ is one of the best Chrome extensions for Instagram marketers. Powered by - an influencer marketing tool - the extension helps marketers get insights of creators from Instagram.   

The metrics you can get from SocialiQ include -  

• Overall audience size of an influencer. 

• Average likes and comments on an influencer's content. 

• Comprehensive Instagram engagement rate analysis, including specific rates for individual posts & videos. 

• Frequency of content updates, represented as posts per week. 

Why SocialiQ?  

• Speed Up the Qualification Process: 

Forget manual searches and endless spreadsheet updates. With SocialiQ, you can qualify creators from your preferred platforms up to 10x faster. This ensures you're always ahead in the influencer marketing game. 

• Build a Tailored Creator Database:  

Say goodbye to scattered notes and messy bookmark tabs. Shortlist your favorite profiles directly from your browser and curate your own influencer database for quick access and efficient management.  

Key Features  

Influencer Insights at Your Fingertips:  

From audience size to the average likes and comments, get a comprehensive overview of any influencer profile in an instant. 

Effortlessly Construct Your Influencer Database:  

Organize and categorize influencers based on your preferences and campaign needs. 

Curate a Diverse Content Library:  

Aggregate and store compelling content from across social media platforms, providing you with a reservoir of inspiration and references. 

End-to-End Campaign Management:  

From ideation to execution, manage your influencer marketing campaigns seamlessly under one roof. 

ROI Monitoring:  

Keep tabs on your campaign performance and calculate your return on investment effortlessly.  

Platform Compatibility

SocialiQ is versatile and integrates smoothly with not just Instagram but also TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch.

3. Inssist

Inssist is a Chrome extension that helps you post photos, videos, stories, and reels to Instagram. It will assist you in scheduling posts and carousels. With this extension, you can send direct messages and search for hashtags. Inssist simplifies posting a photo, video, story, or IGTV on Instagram.

Inssist allows you to use Instagram just like on your phone. It switches the Instagram website into a mobile view. Inssist Chrome extension also has a dark mode, wide mode, and zen mode for Instagram.

Key Features

Full-Featured Desktop Client:  

Inssist transforms your desktop browser into a comprehensive Instagram workstation. This allows you to perform actions such as posting photos, videos, carousels, and even stories directly from your computer. 

DM on Desktop:  

With Inssist, users can send, receive, and manage Instagram Direct Messages straight from their desktop. Doing so eliminates the need to switch between devices constantly. 

Advanced Analytics:  

Beyond Instagram's native insights, Inssist provides deeper analytics, offering users a more detailed understanding of their account performance, audience engagement, and growth metrics. 

• Multiple Accounts Management:  

For social media managers or users with multiple accounts, Inssist enables seamless switching and management of various profiles without the need to log in and out repeatedly.

Platform Compatibility

Inssist supports only Instagram.

3. Quantify

Quantify by Woomio allows you to qualify influencers directly on Instagram. You will get data insights from any Instagram profile. It also allows you to gain insights into the performance and audience of any Instagram profile. It also shows engagement analytics for any post.

Key Features

Holistic Content Overview:  

Gain an all-encompassing view of an influencer's posts across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. This allows marketers and brands to understand content trends, patterns, and effectiveness across different platforms. 

• Detailed Audience Analysis: 

Dive deep into an influencer's audience with intricate Instagram demographics, including age and gender. This is vital for brands to ascertain if the influencer's followers align with their target demographic.  

• Performance Benchmarking:  

Measure an influencer's performance against local peers and the market average on Instagram. This feature is crucial to gauge where an influencer stands in the competitive landscape, helping brands choose the most impactful collaborations.  

• Influencer Tagging & Classification:  

Organize and categorize Instagram influencers using the tagging and classification feature. Whether you want to sort influencers by niche, audience size, engagement rate, or any other metric, Quantify makes it effortless.

Platform Compatibility

Apart from Instagram, Quantify also supports YouTube and TikTok.

4. Grin

Grin is another Chrome extension you can use for Instagram marketing. It assists you in discovering and managing creators. The extension deep dive into influencer analytics across different platforms and helps spot fake influencers as well. 

Key Features

• Cross-Platform Analysis: 

GRIN provides a comprehensive view of a creator's performance across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest, tailoring analytics to each platform's unique features.  

• Engagement Metrics Insight: 

GRIN dives into key metrics, offering a complete understanding of audience interaction. The metrics include engagement rate, likes, comments,  video views, and the likes-to-comments ratio.   

• Post Performance Verification: 

Users can ensure a creator's metrics are genuine with GRIN's auditing feature. GRIN aids brands in making data-driven partnership decisions and analyzing consistent performance trends.

Platform Compatability

The tool supports platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest.

5. Kolsquare

The Kolsquare analytics sidebar is a Chrome extension for Instagram influencer and audience analysis. It gives you access to numerous statistics on the audience of a Key Opinion Leader (KOL).

Key Features

• Influencer Discovery: 

The tool allows you to search and find the right Instagram influencers for your campaign. It also provides customized influencer suggestions tailored to your brand's needs.  

• Audience Analytics: 

It offers access to in-depth insights into influencer audience demographics and interests. This allows you to verify audience authenticity and engagement, ensuring genuine interactions.  

• Campaign Performance Tracking: 

You can monitor influencer campaign metrics in real-time. Also, you can measure campaign influence on sales, website visits, and overall brand sentiment.

Platform Compatibility

Kolsquare only supports Instagram and TikTok.

6. RiteTag

RiteTag is a Chrome extension that offers optimized Hashtag suggestions for images and text across various platforms. This includes Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. With RiteTag, guessing hashtags becomes a thing of the past.  

Key Features

• Generate Hashtags for Images: 

Right-click any web image or use the RiteTag bar's upload icon to fetch the best Instagram hashtags suggestions for pictures.

• Generate Hashtags for Texts: 

Type a hashtag and press space for instant suggestions on any site. For specific text suggestions, right-click the chosen text and select "Get hashtag suggestions for text".

• Hashtag Strength Indicators: 

RiteTag's color-coded system provides hashtag effectiveness at a glance:

• GREEN: High visibility.

• BLUE: Sustained visibility.

• RED: Oversaturated, low visibility.

• GRAY: Minimal engagement.

Platform Compatibility 

RiteTag supports various platforms, including Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

7. Growbot 

Growbot is a time-saving tool specifically for Instagram, designed to boost your followers. Known as an "Instagram bot," Growbot can automatically follow any user's followers, followings, commenters, or likers.   

Key Features 

• Advanced Filters: 

Interact only with accounts that meet your criteria based on the number of followers, posts, bio text, and much more. 

• Follow and Like User's Pics: 

Increase your reach by following and liking pictures of users that match your criteria. 

• Remove Followers: 

Improve your reach by removing spammy accounts from your followers' list. 

• Lists of Engaging Users: 

Load lists of users who interact with your posts or those of others. 

Platform Compatibility  

Growbot is designed specifically for Instagram.

8. UpDog

UpDog offers a seamless way to access the engagement statistics of any Instagram and TikTok account free of charge. Perfectly drawn for creators, influencers, and marketers, it serves as a comparative tool enabling users to gauge their performance against other profiles in the digital space.   

Key Features  

• Engagement Analysis: 

UpDog provides data on the engagement rate of any Instagram and TikTok account you view. This enables you to compare and optimize your engagement strategy.  

• Performance Metrics:  

The extension offers comprehensive statistics, including average views, comments, likes, and shares for each account. Doing so provides you with a broader view of the account's performance.  

• User-Friendly Interface:  

UpDog sits right on top of your Instagram and TikTok platforms, making it easily accessible and intuitive to use.   

Platform Compatibility  

UpDog is designed to work seamlessly with Instagram and TikTok.

9. InSaverify 

InSaverify is a Chrome extension designed to enhance your Instagram user experience directly from your browser. It is the fastest way to fully access Instagram functionalities, including uploading and downloading stories, IGTV, and more. This extension is a simple yet powerful tool packed with features that aim to elevate your social media experience.  

Key Features 

• Upload Photos or Videos:   

InSaverify grants the ability to upload photos or videos directly from the desktop version of Instagram, eliminating the need for device switching.  

• Direct Messaging (DM) from Desktop:   

InSaverify fully supports DM on desktop, allowing you to keep your conversations going without needing to constantly check your phone.  

• Open/Download Full HD:   

This extension allows you to open and download photos and videos in full HD, ensuring the best quality for your Instagram content.  

Platform Compatibility 

InSaverify supports only Instagram.


As you can see, there are a lot of options available when it comes to Chrome extensions for Instagram. Each tool offers unique features and benefits, so it's important to consider your specific needs before choosing one.  

Whether you're looking to understand account performance, schedule posts, or enhance your user experience, there is an extension out there that can help. So go ahead and try out different options until you find the perfect fit for you! 

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