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Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.


AI Influencers: Who Are They and Top Lists

AI Influencers: Who Are They and Top Lists

Jun 27, 2024



 Top most popular ai influencers
 Top most popular ai influencers
 Top most popular ai influencers

If you are thinking that AI influencers are those social media sensations who talk about AI (tech), then you are wrong. 

So, who are they? Well, read on to learn. 

PS - We have added a list of top AI influencers dominating social media as well. 

Who or What Are AI Influencers? 

AI influencers are basically virtual human beings that do what normal influencers do. They post selfies, update their lifestyle on social media, and promote brands or products online. Some influencers even started producing their own music and podcasts. 

They come in all shapes and sizes with regard to their appearance. You can see 3D characters like noonoouri to photorealistic images like Aitana Lopez. They are created using CGI, motion capture technologies, Generative AI, and other advanced technologies. Also, they typically have a team to manage these virtual influencers with the primary goal of securing brand partnerships. 

15 Most Popular AI Influencers

There aren’t many AI influencers to talk about, but in the coming days, we can expect a rich environment where they are thriving. 

We have thoroughly researched and shortlisted some of the most popular AI influencers on social media. Also, we took the liberty of adding some extra influencer metrics about each influencer to help you decide on collaboration. 

Here is the top list of AI influencers around the world. 

PS - The engagement rate of each influencer is of their respective Instagram profiles.

1. Lu do Magalu (@magazineluiza)

Lu do Magalu ai influencers promoting Google product

Followers - 7 Million +

Engagement Rate - 0.1%

Brand Collaborations - Magazine Luzia

Lu do Magalu is the most followed AI influencer with over 7 million followers from all over the world. This virtual model exclusively works for the Brazilian retail giant - Magazine Luzia. She promotes all sorts of products through her Instagram profile.

It might be because of the exclusivity of the company and region, she currently doesn't have as much engagement as she had in the beginning.

2. Miquela (@lilmiquela)

Lil Miquela AI influencer promoting BMW cars

Followers - 2.5 Million +

Engagement Rate - 0.49%

Brand Collaborations - Prada, Dior, and Calvin Klein

A 21-year-old robot living in LA. Believe it or not, this is what the description is in its Instagram profile. Even though the engagement rate might seem low, more and more brands are actively partnering with Miquela. One of the recent collaborations was with MSI.

An LA-based startup company named Brud is the brains behind this freckled Brazilian beauty.

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3. Barbie (@barbie)

Barbie AI influencer promoting Aldo shoes through her Instagram profile

Followers - 3.5 Million +

Engagement Rate - 0.42%

Brand Collaborations - Aldo Shoes, Olipop, Smart Sweets

🎶I’m a Barbie girl in the human world🎶- This is someone who doesn’t need any introduction. This iconic beauty from the late 1950s has now taken to social media to enchant a whole new generation of fans. Her reach goes beyond platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Her role as a prominent AI influencer is evident from her Instagram post supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. 

4. Shudu (@shudu.gram)

Shudu Gram AI influencer on Vogue magazine cover

Followers - 248 K +

Engagement Rate - 2.18%

Brand Collaborations - Vogue, S-iR

Shudu Gram is the first-ever digital supermodel. The virtual model was created by the fashion photographer Cameron-James Wilson. The striking appearance of the AI influencer is inspired by the "Princess of South Africa" Barbie doll.

With her captivating looks and presence, Shudu has amassed a significant following and has made waves in the fashion industry. However, her creation has sparked controversy, as Shudu, depicted as a black woman, was designed by a white man. 

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5. Guggimon(@guggimon)

Guggimon AI influencer’s one of the prank video

Followers - 1.3 Million +

Engagement Rate - 0.12%

Brand Collaborations - Superplastic

Guggimon is a mischievous and edgy AI influencer owned by Superplastic. He is known for his fascination with all things horror. Originally from Montreal, Canada, Guggimon made his debut in June 2019.   

He describes himself as a "fashion horror artist & mixtape producer" with a penchant for handbags, axes, designer toys, Billie Eilish, and The Shining. Guggimon is also recognized as one of Steve Aoki's hype stars, having joined the world-famous DJ and producer on his Color of Noise tour.   

PS - Superplastic is the world's leading creator of animated synthetic celebrities, apparel, and designer toys.

6. O Surreal Mundo de Any Malu (@anymalu_real)

Any Malu AI influencer promoting promoting Netflix series avatar

Followers - 700 K +

Engagement Rate - 1.04%

Brand Collaborations - Netflix, Disney

Any Malu is a vibrant AI influencer from Brazil. Since her debut in 2015, she has evolved from a concept into a YouTube sensation and a comprehensive transmedia experience. She is one of the few virtual influencers with her own TV show, which is powered by Cartoon Network.  

Any Malu is best known for her enthusiastic promotion of animated movies and series. 

7. Anna Cattish (@anna_cattish)

Anna Cattish AI influencer’s graphical work

Followers -  450 K +

Engagement Rate - 1.74%

Brand Collaborations - Melbot Studios, Mattel

Anna Cattish is a talented Russian animator and artist. She's known for her unique blend of cute, edgy, and attitude-infused work. She is part of the honkfu visual label, which started as a collective of artists over a decade ago and has since evolved into a boutique studio and label.

Her captivating and distinct style continues to charm and intrigue audiences.

8. Grace Bookmite @gracebookmite 

Grace Bookmite AI influencer’s post showing her visit to the Statue of Liberty

Followers - 1000 +

Engagement Rate - 7.76%

Brand Collaborations - None Yet

Grace Bookmite is a rising AI influencer on Instagram. She is the first and only AI influencer who focuses on travel and fashion. Her Instagram profile flexes the places she has explored, the friends (AI) she has made, and, of course, her lifestyle. 

She has also promoted the importance of donating blood and collaborated with Associazione Nazionale Volontari Italiani di Sangue to do so. 

9. Thalasya Pov (@thalasya_)

 Thalaysa AI influencer promoting a Yipiii product through her Instagram post

Followers - 450 K +

Engagement Rate - 1.13%

Brand Collaborations - Yippiiii

Created by Magnavem Studio, Thalasya is Indonesia's first digital influencer. She's known for her adventurous spirit and love of exploring. She made her debut online in October 2018.

With a craze for travel, she has explored all of Indonesia, visiting prominent landmarks, shops, and so on. Despite the popularity of staycations, Thalasya hasn't been confined, making trips all the way to a recording studio in Florida, USA.

To support her travel adventures, Thalasya advertises for hotels, restaurants, and health pills. She also co-owns a clothing store called Yipiiiii with her close friend Zeline. 

10. 로지_버추얼 인플루언서 (@rozy.gram) 

rozy gram AI influencer promoting Calvin Klein

Followers - 170 K +

Engagement Rate - 3.90%

Brand Collaborations - Calvin Klein, American Tourister

Rozy Gram, South Korea's first virtual influencer, has a deep passion for lifestyle. Her name, Rozy, means "one and only" in Korean. She is a prominent model for various brands and was recently appointed an ambassador for the Busan Expo. Hence she joined notable figures like Squid Game's Lee Jung-jae and K-pop megaband BTS. Currently, she is also busy preparing for her new single.

Rozy was created to represent Generation MZ, the most influential trendsetter in South Korean society. She is all about attending high-profile events and showcasing the latest luxury collections to her audience.

11. Noonoouri (@noonoouri)

Noonoouri AI influencer flexing new fashion attire through her Instagram post

Followers - 450 K +

Engagement Rate - 1.01%

Brand Collaborations - Warner Music, Louis Vuitton, Lacoste, Versace, and Bulgari

Noonoouri is a 19-year-old digital fashion icon. She was created by Joerg Zuber, founder of the creative agency Opium Effect in Munich, Germany. She has quickly taken the fashion industry by storm, collaborating with top luxury brands such as Lacoste, Versace, and Bulgari.

While Noonoouri's primary goal is to entertain, she also uses her platform to inform her audience about various social causes. She is a vocal advocate for sustainable fashion and a committed vegan, which means you'll never see her wearing or promoting fur. 

12. bee_nfluencer

Bee AI influencer showing the collaboration with AXA on its Instagram profile

Followers - 200 K+

Engagement Rate - 8.41%

Brand Collaborations - Axa, Team Vitality

Bee is the world's first influencer bee, created by the Fondation de France. This charming virtual influencer aims to assist brands globally in raising funds to save bees. While Bee's Twitter (now X) presence is relatively quiet, its Instagram account is bustling with over 254,000 followers.

This little busy bee's work is vital, as bees play an essential role in maintaining our ecosystems and agriculture. According to the European Union, over 80% of wild and cultivated flowering plants depend on pollination. And bees are responsible for pollinating 75% of the world's agricultural crops.

If you're familiar with Disney's Bee Movie, you already understand why bees are so crucial. Bee uses its platform to highlight this importance, blending advocacy with charm to captivate and educate its audience.

13. imma (@imma.gram)

imma AI influencer’s ted talk session photos shared on her Instagram profile

Followers - 350 K+

Engagement Rate - 0.14%

Brand Collaborations - Burberry, TikTok, Adidas Tokyo and IKEA Japan

Originally from Tokyo, imma holds the prestigious title of Japan’s first AI model. This virtual girl, distinguished by her iconic pink bob, has since been featured in numerous headlines. The Japan Economics Entertainment has even named her one of the “New 100 Talent to Watch.”

imma's interests span Japanese culture, art, and film, and she has collaborated with notable brands such as Burberry and IKEA Japan. In just over two years, she has amassed more than 407,000 followers on Instagram and two million likes on TikTok. 

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14. Bermuda (@bermudaisbae)

Bermuda AI influencer selfie image on her Instagram post

Followers - 200 K+

Engagement Rate - 10.63%

Brand Collaborations - Unavailable

With her debut in 2016, Bermuda is one of the older AI influencers present. Hailing from LA, she identifies as a robot woman with a mission to inspire young entrepreneurs to pursue their ambitions. More specifically, she encourages more women to enter the field of robotics.

In addition, Bermuda is keen to advance her music career. She has already made waves by releasing a cover of "Under the Bridge" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers on Spotify.

15. Rory S (@rorys2001)

Rory AI influencer Instagram post on her new look and challenge

Followers - 4000 K u+

Engagement Rate - 8.99%

Brand Collaborations - None Yet

Rory S is another promising AI influencer on the rise. Though she hasn't acquired many collaborations, she still has an engaging audience as you can see from the engagement rate. With just over 4000 followers, she can be considered a nano AI influencer.

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