Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.

Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.



12 Ways to Find Email Associated With Instagram Account

12 Ways to Find Email Associated With Instagram Account

Feb 14, 2024



Having a bit of trouble finding the email address of the influencer you're trying to connect with? Rest assured, we've got you covered. Here is the ideal destination to uncover simple yet effective ways to find someone's email from Instagram. 

Since Instagram is overtaking other social media platforms as a prime hub for marketing, brands are utilizing its visual appeal to reach wider audiences. Through influencer marketing, brands not only get to showcase their products to their target audience but also drive sales with impressive ROI.  

Even though reaching out to influencers on Instagram can happen gracefully through direct messages, marketers prefer to send emails to look more professional and reliable. Also, it is possible to follow up and effectively track influencers by email.

But how to find someone's email address from Instagram? Let's crack the code and reveal easy ways to find influencer's emails.

Find Someone’s Email From Instagram Manually

You'll find that a lot of influencers have listed their email addresses on Instagram and other social media platforms. Therefore, searching for email addresses should begin with a simple scroll through influencer profiles.

From Influencer’s Instagram Profile

Influencers previously involved in influencer marketing campaigns often share their contact details in their bio. So, the search for the influencer's email should begin here.

Some influencers use the dedicated Email button feature in their Instagram bios. You can access their email address or mail them directly by clicking this button. However, this feature is available only on the Instagram mobile app.

From Story or Posts

If you can't find the email address in the bio, it is essential to go through their Instagram posts and stories. Some people share their contact information through posts for business purposes. 

You should focus on more than just the post descriptions. The post descriptions are likely to contain something other than an email address. Business profiles tend to add their contact details in their Instagram images, and it is essential for marketers to go through these posts.
Look at this post from Mochinga Studio on Instagram, where they share their email address.

Using Google Dork 

Google Dork is an email lookup method marketers can use to find an influencer's email through a Google search. However, it's not a regular Google search but a structured search to find the email of any Instagram profile.

Visit the influencer's Instagram profile and copy their Instagram username. Open a Google search tab and continue the search in this format.


Go through the search results and find the email address of the influencer.

From Influencer’s Websites

It is common for influencers to share links to their portfolio or business websites in their Instagram bio.

Marketers can make use of these links to have access to their email addresses and contact them.

Find Influencer’s Agency Using iMDB Pro

The struggle is real when you're trying to search for a celebrity's or athlete's email address on Instagram. They rarely share any email address on social media platforms. 

However, there are some pretty straightforward ways to get in touch with them - contact their agency. Turns out, many Instagram models and athletes have agents or affiliations with talent agencies. You can find these agencies with a simple Google search and contact them.

iMDB Pro is a tool that you can use to find the agent, manager, and contact information of celebrities.

Guess Email Address Using Instagram’s Forgot Password Feature

Like popular social media apps, Instagram has a neat 'Forgot Password' feature. It's there to lend a helping hand to Instagram users when they are drawing a blank on their login details. 

But, how can I get the influencer's email address with just this feature? 

Here's the deal, while you won't stumble upon the full email address using ‘Forgot Password’, you might get a quick peek at it. From there, discovering the email turns into a guessing game. 

On the sign-in page of Instagram, select 'Forgot Password?'

Carefully type in any influencer's username and click 'Send Login Link.'

You can get a glimpse of the reset link on your screen.

Now, you can start guessing some email addresses and use email verification tools to verify the guesses.
Here's a list of email verification tools that you can try.

  • It offers a vast database of email addresses. You can easily find and verify emails associated with specific domains.

  • VerifyBee: Offers a comprehensive suite of verification services.

  • ZeroBounce: ZeroBounce verifies emails and provides data-appending services.

Using Swordfish AI - Email Lookup Tool

Swordfish AI is an AI-powered tool to access influencers' contact information. It can give you access to email addresses and contact information from Instagram user names. 

The tool makes use of unique algorithms to give users accurate contact information. Moreover, the tool eliminates any email address that doesn't reach the target.

In the Reverse Search page of Swordfish AI, type in the first and last names of any influencer and click Search. It will give you the influencer's contact details.

Using Phantom Buster - Access Emails From Instagram in Bulk

Phantom Buster is a tool developed with lead generation, data, and data collection in mind. You can access email addresses from more platforms than just Instagram - it can also access contact information from LinkedIn and Facebook.

Start by gathering the Instagram account links of all influencers you like in Google Sheets documents - one link per row in Column A

After changing the document's public access, feed the document's link into Phantom Booster.

From Other Social Media Accounts of the Influencer

You can track down the social media accounts of any influencer by doing a simple Google search. You can use their Instagram username to discover their genuine social media accounts, considering the roadblocks stumbling upon fake accounts might cause. 

After finding genuine social media accounts, getting email addresses from these accounts becomes a breeze.


Start by scouring the About section of the influencer's Facebook profiles. They often provide their email addresses for others to hire them or for fan interactions. If the email address isn't readily available, delving into the influencer's post is the next strategic move. 


The first step towards finding an influencer's email address is by going through their bio. Influencers open to collaborating with brands display their email address in the bio for potential partnerships. You can also go through their posts to discover their contact information.

Send DM

We started the session by addressing the ease of contacting influencers through Instagram DMs. Yet, for a touch of professionalism, marketers prefer sending emails to influencers.

And if you are stuck without an email address, don't worry - shoot them a DM on Instagram. However, remember to mention your interest in them politely. You can ask for their email address for contact or continue your discussion on Instagram till you move to a professional frame. 

Find Someone’s Email From Instagram Using SocialiQ Chrome Extension

The SocialiQ Chrome Extension is a much-required tool that elevates the standard for influencer search. It offers precise insights into influencer's performance and helps you access their email address.

If you are looking for a Chrome extension designed for Instagram influencer marketing, get this user-friendly extension.

Install the SocialiQ Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store on your device.

Open a new Google tab and visit the influencer's Instagram account.

From the right side of the screen, click the SocialiQ extension's icon.

With just a click, you get detailed insights into the influencer's profile - engagement rates and post engagement details.

Click the' View Insights' button to access the influencer's email address on your screen.

SocialiQ hands you the influencer's email address and unveils a treasure trove of insights into their performance. In essence, it becomes a trusty sidekick for marketers navigating through influencer search.

Find Someone’s Email From Instagram Using

With their seamless integration of features, influencer marketing tools become indispensable companions for marketers embarking on their influencer marketing voyage. is a meticulously designed tool to simplify influencer search and campaign management. 

Visit and select the Free Signup button on the screen. Create an account on with your details.

Employ the filters and the search tools available on to identify influencers aligning with your demands. For instance, you can find influencers based on followers, region, and other similar influencers. You can also directly search for any influencer on the search bar.

After you select any influencer, click Save Influencer to add the influencer and click View Profile.

Under the Informations section, you can find the influencer's email address. takes the spotlight as a leading influencer marketing tool, distinguished by its exceptional user-friendly design. It empowers you to identify influencers who align with your brand, boosting influencer outreach. In essence, emerges as your ultimate ally in the quest for influencers.

find influencer within seconds using
find influencer within seconds using
find influencer within seconds using
find influencer within seconds using

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