Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.

Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.


How to Find Email From YouTube Channel

How to Find Email From YouTube Channel

Apr 25, 2024



The quest for the perfect influencer for a brand on YouTube can feel like a treasure hunt. Marketers scour through countless YouTube accounts and analyze the performance metrics, only to hit a roadblock when they can't track the contact details.

So, the critical question is - how to find an email address from a YouTube channel?

Email address is essential for influencer outreach as it is a professional way to reach out to the influencers. However, finding the email address of some influencers can be challenging.

We've made this overwhelming task easy for you. Let's explore ten ways to find an email address from a YouTube channel.

How to Find Email From YouTube Channel Using SocialiQ Chrome Extension

The SocialiQ Chrome Extension is a thoughtfully designed Chrome extension that facilitates influencer discovery. This user-friendly tool also provides access to the influencer's email addresses.

With the tool, you can gain insights into the influencer's YouTube channels, covering details like subscriber count, country, average views, average length of videos, and total views. However, to discover an influencer's email address, analyzing their Instagram account using the SocialiQ Chrome extension is more effective.

Find Email From YouTube Using SocialiQ Chrome Extension

First, head to the Chrome Web Store and install the SocialiQ Chrome extension.

After installation, go to the influencer's Instagram account and click the SocialiQ Chrome extension's icon.

Choose the SocialiQ Chrome extension icon to access Influencer Insights

Hit the View Insights button at the bottom of the performance metrics.

Select the View Insights button to access influencer insights

You will be able to find the influencer's email address here.

The SocialiQ Chrome extension is a game-changing tool for influencer discovery. It offers indispensable insights into influencer profiles. It provides a wealth of data, including tagged location, commonly used hashtags, top mentions, and more.

With this robust data set, SocialiQ enables you to curate your list of potential influencers meticulously. It also ensures that the influencers align perfectly with your campaign objectives.

Find the perfect influencers with SocialiQ Chrome Extension

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Find Email From YouTube Channel Manually

Most influencers previously involved with influencer marketing have provided their email addresses for marketers to contact. Therefore, searching for an influencer's email address should begin at their YouTube channel.

Here are a handful of ways about how to find email of YouTube channel manually?

From the About Section

YouTubers usually put up their emails in the About section of their channel when they want to team up with awesome brands. It's like leaving a little invitation to marketers to reach out and work together. 

Visit the YouTube channel of the influencer you wish to reach out to.

Go to the About section of the influencer.

Find Email in the About Section of YouTube

Click View Email to uncover the influencer's email address.

Check Video Descriptions

If you can't find the email address in the About section, it is essential to check the video descriptions instead. An email address might be available for business inquiries or fan interaction. Even though it might take some time to review the video descriptions, it is a straightforward method.

From YouTube Channel Community

Marketers can also check for a YouTuber's email address from the channel's community tab. Although it's not guaranteed that marketers can find YouTubers' email addresses in the YouTubers community tab, it's worth trying. 

Ask Directly in Comments

If you are looking for how to find email of YouTube channel, ask them in the comments. There is no need to worry about being direct, as clear communication helps build trust. Once they see you are genuine, they'll be more than willing to share their contact information. 

While asking for an email in the comments, remember that it's a request for a favor. Being polite and respectful to the influencers can make all the difference. They're more likely to share their email address if you approach them courteously rather than sounding demanding or entitled. 

Join Mailing List

Video creators are prominent in engaging with audiences through newsletters and mailing lists. So, if you are a marketer eager to find an influencer's email, join their mailing lists instead.

Mailing lists offer a direct line of communication with YouTube creators. You might stumble upon the influencer email or even receive the email straight from the creator in your inbox.

Find Them on Other Social Media Platforms

The prominent YouTube creators often have a significant presence on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. If you hit a dead end in your YouTube search, give these other social media platforms a shot. Accessing the email addresses on these social media platforms might be easier.

If you aren’t sure how to find email of YouTube channel from other social media, here are some ways to help you out.

  • Facebook

If the influencer has a Facebook account, start your search for their contact information in the About section. It is common for influencers to include their email address in the bio of their page or their Facebook posts. It is essential for marketers to go through all of these to access the email address.

Find influencer’s email address on Facebook
  • LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, you can only access the email address of someone you are connected with. So, connect with the influencer of your choice. As a marketer, you can get help from your network to get an introduction to the influencer. 

Once connecting with them succeeds, open the LinkedIn profile and click Contact Info. You might be able to find the email address there if the influencer has made it available. Alternatively, you can use LinkedIn's InMail service to reach the influencer professionally.

  • Twitter

If the influencer is active on TikTok, check out their bio. They often drop their email address there for business inquiries and collaborations. Also, dive into their tweets. They might have shared their contact details for announcements or campaigns.

  • Instagram

According to Statista, Instagram is one of the most-used influencer marketing platforms in the United States. Therefore, the YouTube creator you are looking for might also have a strong presence on Instagram. 

After finding the influencer's Instagram account, check the Instagram bio to find the email. We advise marketers to review the Instagram posts to find the contact information, if unavailable in the bio.

Find Someone's email from Instagram

Here are more ways you can find an influencer’s email from Instagram

From Their Website

Most influencers have a website that serves as a digital portfolio to portray their creations. But how to how to email a YouTuber from their website? Marketers can go through the website to find the YouTuber’s emails.

  • About Us And Contact Pages:

If the influencer has a website, go to the Contact or About Us page to find their email address. Also, ensure that you check the footer of the website to access the influencer's email address.

  • Contact Form:

If you can find the contact form on the website, try filling it out. You may not be able to talk directly to the influencer. However, when you share your email, they will contact you. From there, you can contact them and share your interests. 

  • Email List:

Look through the influencer's website for a newsletter. It's worth trying to subscribe to it and receive emails from them through a generic email address.

Find Email Using Swordfish 

Swordfish boasts an impressive database of 3.5 billion profiles, making it a go-to tool for email discovery. It offers seamless use through its specialized Chrome extension and conveniently retrieves email addresses from YouTube accounts.  If the email discovery from YouTube falls short, Swordfish also extends its search to other social media platforms. 

Find Email Using Phantom Buster

Swordfish boasts an impressive database of 3.5 billion profiles, making it a go-to tool for YouTuber's email discovery. It offers seamless use through its specialized Chrome extension and conveniently retrieves email addresses from YouTube accounts.  If the email discovery from YouTube falls short, Swordfish also extends its search to other social media platforms.

Guess the Email Address

If you are still coming up empty-handed in your search for the influencer's email, it might be worth a try to guess it with their name. But remember, you will need to know their company affiliation for this strategy to pay off. 

While guessing email addresses, adhere to this template for better accuracy.

First name + last name:

First initial + last name:

First name + last initial:

First name only:

Guessing the email address is just the beginning - you must also verify the email address. Luckily, there are email verification tools to verify the emails you have guessed. These tools can also verify emails in bulk and integrate with other platforms.

These tools check if the email addresses exist and confirm if they are active. They use syntax, domain, and SMTP checks to give you the most accurate results.

It would be best if you tried popular email verification tools like: 

  • A simple tool to find professional email addresses of YouTube creators who own a website. It also offers 25 free searches every month.

  • ContactOut: It helps find email associated with YouTube account and other platforms, including YouTube. ContactOut has a user-friendly Chrome extension to enhance the ease of email hunting.

  • ClearOut: ClearOut is a verification tool with one of the lowest bounce rates and processing times.

  • ZeroBounce: ZeroBounce is a user-friendly tool with a high accuracy rate.

Using DuckDuckGo Search Engine

To find YouTube channel email, a search engine like DuckDuckGo can help you. For this, it's essential for marketers to know the influencer's domain name. 

Launch a search engine like DuckDuckGo and search directly for The search results will bring out the email address associated with the specific domain name. 

To make your search more effective, add other data to your search. For instance, you can add the influencer's first name or the second name to the search.

Issues With Manually Finding Email From YouTube Account

When marketers try to find email associated with YouTube account by themselves, they might encounter some issues, as the method has some limitations in finding influencers' emails.

  1. Searching for an influencer's email can be time-consuming. Marketers have to find and go through their social media to find the email addresses. When you ask for the influencer's email address in the YouTube comment, you will have to wait for the YouTuber to reply, and only then can you reach out to them. 

  2. If you try to find an email associated with YouTube account directly from YouTube, keep in mind that there's a limitation of five email addresses per day. So, you might need more than one YouTube account to access as many influencers' email addresses as possible.

  3. Some YouTubers have kept their email address private, making it hard for marketers find email associated with YouTube account.

Even though it's time-consuming and sometimes unfruitful, finding emails manually is something that marketers can adopt most other times. However, if all these methods end in roadblocks, you need a specialized tool to find an influencer's email address from YouTube. 

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How to Find Email From YouTube Channel Using Influencer Marketing Tools is a robust influencer marketing tool meticulously crafted to empower marketers to make informed decisions. It provides comprehensive insights into influencer profiles, facilitating the identification of best-suited influencers. 

When it comes to discovering influencers' email addresses, stands out as the optimal choice, offering a user-friendly interface that delivers the information promptly.

Let's take a look at how facilitates the discovery of an influencer's email address.

Start by visiting and clicking on the Free SignUp button.

Complete the registration by providing the necessary details and clicking SignUp.

Sign Up With for free

Utilize the search bar to input the influencer's name you're interested in. If unsure, use the built-in filters to discover influencers that match your preferences.

Search for an Influencer on

Once you've found the influencer, save the profile by selecting Save Influencer and then proceed to click View Profile

Finally, navigate to the Informations section to access the influencer's email address.

Access influencer email address with

This is how makes influencer outreach effortless. 

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If you are on the hunt for the ultimate assistant in influencer discovery, look no further than It is your go-to solution, boasting a vast database of 250 million global influencers spanning various niches. Thanks to its dedicated filters, streamlines the influencer discovery process, delivering results within three minutes.

What sets apart is its versatility, extending its services across platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

With, say goodbye to hours of tedious prospecting. It slashes the influencer prospecting time by 90%. But that's not all. It goes above and beyond by giving users access to precise audience analytics.

Marketers can clearly understand the influencer's audience with metrics covering audience demographics. It offers you a clear picture of their age, gender, and location. 

Moreover, incorporates cutting-edge features for fraud detection by flagging inflated follower counts. Therefore, it ensures authentic partnerships between brands and influencers.


Marketers often wonder how to find email from YouTube channel. Fortunately, there are numerous methods to overcome this hurdle. You can employ manual methods or specialized tools to access the contact details for YouTube marketing.

With a well-designed tool like, finding email becomes more straightforward. It makes connecting with the right influencers a breeze. Furthermore, it offers the added advantage of campaign performance tracking.

If you are looking for a dependable partner for influencer search, is the ultimate solution. And the best part about You can give it a try for free!

find influencer within seconds using

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