Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.

Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.



What is an Instagram Model?

What is an Instagram Model?

Apr 19, 2024



According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, Instagram has turned out to be the platform marketers use for influencer marketing. Not only that, but the platform drives the most ROI as well. Therefore, it's noteworthy how crucial the platform is for your campaigns.  

Now, if you want to make the most out of Instagram, you need authentic Instagram influencers. Enter Instagram models.  

They are the new breed of influencers taking over Instagram by storm. But who exactly are they? Why should you consider them?  How to find them?

Well, let's discuss these in detail.

What Is an Ig Model?

An Instagram model is a social media influencer who utilises the Instagram platform to showcase fashion, fitness, or lifestyle content, often securing brand endorsements and collaborations.  

They have a strong presence on Instagram, with many followers who engage with their content.  

Some Ig models are professional models who use the platform to showcase their work and gain more opportunities in the fashion industry. Others may simply be individuals who have built a following through their unique sense of style or aesthetic.  

Types of IG Models  

There are several types of Instagram models, each with their own unique approach to utilising the platform.   

Fashion Models  

Fashion Models primarily use Instagram to showcase high-end fashion brands and trends. They often have professional contracts with modelling agencies and use Instagram as a medium to display their work and attract further opportunities.  

Check out the top fashion influencers on Instagram.

Fitness Models  

Fitness Models share content revolving around exercise routines, dieting tips, and health supplements. They often partner with fitness and wellness brands, promoting products that align with a healthy lifestyle.   

If you are a fitness brand, don’t miss out on these fitness influencers

Travel Models  

Travel Models use Instagram to share their globe-trotting adventures. They showcase stunning locales, cultures, and cuisines. They usually collaborate with travel agencies, airlines, and hotel chains to promote related products/services.   

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Beauty Models  

Beauty Models focus on makeup and skincare, offering beauty tips, tutorials, and product reviews. They generally collaborate with cosmetic brands and beauty retailers.   

Lifestyle Models  

Lifestyle Models cover a broad spectrum of topics, from fashion and beauty to home decor, cooking, and more. They aim to portray a certain aspirational lifestyle to their followers, often partnering with a wide range of brands.  

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Plus-Size Models 

Plus-size models are championing body positivity and inclusivity on Instagram. These models, who typically wear sizes larger than the 'standard' fashion model sizes, embrace and promote diversity in body types. 

They often share posts celebrating their bodies, encouraging self-love, and challenging traditional beauty standards. Their partnerships often include plus-size fashion brands. But they are also increasingly working with mainstream fashion and lifestyle brands that want to promote inclusivity.  

Each type of Instagram model targets a specific audience and collaborates with brands that resonate with their personal brand and follower demographic.  

Here's something to help you gain a better understanding of Instagram demographics.   

Instagram Models vs. Celebrities  

Instagram models and celebrities can often seem similar because they both have a strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram, and they both may influence trends and public opinion. However, there are key differences:  

Instagram Models:  

  • Rise to Fame: Instagram models typically gain popularity primarily through the Instagram platform itself. They start by curating a specific aesthetic or niche content that appeals to a particular audience. 

  • Content: Their content is usually focused on their lifestyle, fashion, fitness, or beauty. Also, it's often curated to attract brand deals and partnerships. 

  • Engagement: They may spend a significant amount of time engaging with their followers to build a dedicated and engaged community. 

  • Income: Primarily earn through sponsorships, brand deals, and sometimes through selling their own products or services. 

  • Influence: Their influence is often directly tied to their social media following and engagement rates.  


  • Rise to Fame: Celebrities usually become known through avenues outside of Instagram, such as music, film, sports, or other forms of entertainment or public life. 

  • Content: Their Instagram content might include personal life glimpses, behind-the-scenes shots, promotions for their work in entertainment, and sometimes brand partnerships. 

  • Engagement: While some celebrities actively engage with their followers, others may use their platforms more as a one-way communication tool to broadcast their activities. 

  • Income: Most celebrities have primary income streams independent of social media, such as salaries from acting, music, endorsements, or investments. 

  • Influence: A celebrity's influence extends beyond social media and is often global, affecting various industries, including entertainment, fashion, and even politics.  

The line between Ig models and celebrities can blur, especially as Ig models gain fame and branch out into traditional media. Or when celebrities use Instagram to enhance their reach and influence.   

Furthermore, both can play the role of social media influencers. They can leverage their online presence to impact their followers' decisions and opinions.  

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Should My Business Be Marketing via an Instagram Model?  

Deciding whether your business should market via an Instagram model depends on various factors. This includes your business goals, target audience, and the nature of your product or service. Here are some considerations to help you decide.   

1. Target Audience Alignment:  

If your target audience is active on Instagram and aligns with the followers of the Instagram model, this could be an effective strategy.  

2. Brand Image and Values:  

The Instagram model you choose should have a personal brand that aligns with your business's image and values.  

3. Marketing Goals:  

Finalize your marketing goals. Is your goal brand awareness, product promotion, community engagement, or direct sales? IG influencer marketing with Instagram models can be particularly effective for brand awareness and promotion.  

4. Budget:  

Collaborating with Ig models can be cost-effective compared to traditional advertising. However, prices can vary widely based on the model's popularity. Ensure it fits your marketing budget.  

5. Engagement Rate:  

An Instagram model with a high engagement rate can indicate a loyal and active follower base. This might be more beneficial than one with a higher number of passive followers.  

Follow the link to know about the average engagement rate on Instagram

6. Niche Markets:  

If your product is niche-specific, partnering with a model who specializes in that niche can be very effective.  

7. Credibility and Authenticity:  

An Ig model who has established credibility and authenticity in their content can lend these attributes to your brand through association.  

Before proceeding, research to find Instagram models who have successfully collaborated with other businesses. Don't hesitate to ask for examples of previous partnerships to gauge potential effectiveness. It's also advisable to start with a trial campaign to measure impact before committing to a larger spend.

Strategies for Finding and Collaborating With IG Models

It's not hard to identify the leading Instagram models. What brands want more clarity on is how to find and collaborate with the perfect IG model for their brand. 

Find IG Models Who Love Your Brand

In influencer marketing, user-generated content has the maximum potential to influence the purchasing decisions of customers. How impressive would it be if an Instagram model could do that for you?

Start by looking at your loyal customers and find if any IG models are using your brands. If you find any IG models in your follower base, reach out to them and let them know that you would like to collaborate with them. Partnering with IG models who are your loyal customers can be game-changing for brands in their influencer marketing efforts.

Hashtag Search

A hashtag search can uncover the top Instagram models in their niche by fine-tuning it for their niche. Here are some examples of niche-specific hashtag searches for brands.

  • #fashionmodels

  • #fitnessmodels

  • #plussizemodels

Influencer Marketing Tool

Influencer marketing tools like can help you find IG models in your niche and location. By employing its dedicated audience and influencer filters, allows brands to partner with the finest IG models. comes with a vast influencer database of 250 million influencers, which includes the perfect IG model for your brand.

Find the perfect Instagram models with these influencer search tools.

Planning and Execution of IG Model Influencer Marketing

Planning and executing an influencer campaign with Instagram models requires careful strategy. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to effectively implement IG model influencer marketing.

Set Goals and Budget

Before entering an influencer partnership on Instagram, it's crucial to define your campaign's goals. Figure out if you aim to improve brand awareness, better sales, or promote a new product through the campaign. Alongside goals, setting a budget is essential, as it influences the choice of influencers and the scope of the campaign.

Choose Influencers

Brands need to partner with Instagram models who resonate with their target audience and brand ethos. For instance, a beauty brand would benefit from partnering with an IG model known for her makeup tutorials and beauty tips. 

In contrast, a sports apparel brand should look for an influencer who embodies an active lifestyle and fitness.

Worried about what method to use to find an influencer? Find out how to find influencers for your brand [manually & using tools].

Reach Out to Influencers

Influencer outreach can be done directly through emails or via influencer marketing platforms. This initial communication should be concise yet informative, providing enough detail to interest the influencer. The outreach email should clearly state why you believe there is a strong brand fit, outline the campaign objectives, and mention any critical deadlines. 

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Convey Campaign Expectations

Developing a clear and comprehensive contract is crucial to ensure that influencers understand and agree on the campaign expectations. This contract should include clarify any doubts on deliverables, compensation, timeline, content usage rights, and termination clauses.

Find out what to include & what not to in the influencer briefing.

Measure Campaign Results

The final step involves analyzing metrics such as engagement rates, conversion rates, and the overall reach of the campaign. Brands can use this data to evaluate whether the campaign met the set goals. It will also help brands to identify areas for improvement in future campaigns.

Here are some of the KPIs that you would want to track for an Instagram influencer marketing campaign.

  1. Followers gained

  2. Impressions

  3. Conversions

  4. Total Engagement for posts

  5. Engagement rate

  6. Campaign Hashtags

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Top Instagram Model

Here are some top Instagram models who have turned their social media savvy into global fame. 

1. Kendall Jenner 

Kendall stands as one of Instagram's elite, not just for her stunning visuals but for the insider view into the life of a runway icon.  

2. Gigi Hadid  

Gigi's page is a blend of high-fashion shoots, candid moments, and a peek into her glamorous life.  

3. Victoria Beckham 

Victoria Beckham is a former Spice Girl turned fashion entrepreneur. Her Instagram page showcases her elegant designs, along with snippets of her family life and business ventures.   

4. Emily Ratajkowski 

  • Followers: 30.2 million 

  • Instagram: emrata

A model and actress, her Instagram feed is filled with stunning shots from photoshoots, social events, and her everyday life.   

5. Candice Swanepoel  

Candice Swanepoel, a renowned Victoria's Secret Angel, has an Instagram following of 20.3 million. Her page is a picturesque combination of her modeling work, travels, and personal moments.  

Each of these influential models offers a unique brand of fashion and beauty. Not only that, their Instagram feeds are as much about their personal narratives as they are about the aesthetic appeal.

Want to discover top Instagram models? Here, we have made a list for you.

Top IG Models Partnering With Top-Notch Brands in 2024.
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