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Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.



Top 21 Fitness Models To Follow In 2024

Top 21 Fitness Models To Follow In 2024

Mar 19, 2024



From professional bodybuilders to social media sensations, the list of fitness models is often a meandering one. Which is why we have researched and collated this top list of fitness models. 

You will see models and influencers who are talented and have a history collab with fitness-related products throughout this list.

Let's see who they are. 

Top Female Fitness Models

There are a lot of female fitness models out there, but following some of the fittest and most popular ones around the world. 

  1. Jen Selter

Image Source: GymBeat

Collaboration History: Sparta Nutrition

Instagram Profile: @jenselter

Achievements: Top fitness influencer by Forbes in 2017

Jennifer Leigh Selter or Jen Selter is an Instagram fitness model based in the USA. She started her fitness journey in high school and gained fame through eye-catching Instagram posts showcasing her physique.

She's known for popularizing glute workouts. With a focus on glutes and legs, her fitness regime includes strength training and cardio. She’s also the co-owner of BlendJet and founder of @couplegoals.

  1. Kayla Itsines

Image Source: Kalya Itsines Official Website

Collaboration History: PE Nation

Instagram Profile: @kayla_itsines

Achievements: Sweat With Kayla (her own app)

Kayla Itsines is an Australian personal trainer and a global fitness phenomenon. She is best known for her "Bikini Body Guide" (#BBG). These are a series of ebooks that provide extensive aerobic exercises and meal plans.

She is also one of the wealthiest women fitness models with the most successful fitness app – Sweat with Kayla.

  1. Michelle Lewin

Image Source: Simply Shredded

Collaboration History: Fitplan App and Mealplan for Apple Smart Watches

Instagram Profile: @michelle_lewin

Achievements: 3rd place in Europa SuperShow - Dallas

Michelle Lewin is a world-renowned Venezuelan fitness model and bodybuilder. Her success at NPC and IFBB Physique Fitness in 2014 made her notable. Also, she has been on the cover of more than 30 big-name magazines.

She and her husband, Jimmy Lewin, own a line of supplements and fitness equipment - one0one.

  1. Sommer Ray

Image Source: Dexerto

Collaboration History: The Reiman Agency

Instagram Profile: @sommerray 

Achievements: Won the Bikini Teen and Bikini Class D titles at the NPC Colorado State Championships

Sommer Ray comes from a family of bodybuilders, and at the age of 15, she followed the same path. She's known for her love of weight training and glute exercises, and she's not shy to show them.

This 28-year-old has raked up a significant amount of followers on Instagram and is among one of the best fitness influencers in Colorado, USA. She is also one of the most popular influencers among Generation Z.

  1. Paige Hathaway

Image Source: GymBeat

Collaboration History: iCRYO [Equity partner]

Instagram Profile: @paigehathaway

Achievements: 2nd place at Ronnie Coleman Classic - Class C

Paige is a Minnesota-based Instagram fitness model. She's been featured in countless famous magazines, including Women's Health. Her success was boosted by her being successful at competitions like Ronnie Coleman Classic - Class C, NPC Oklahoma City Grand Prix - Class D, and NPC USA Championship - Class D. 

  1. Eva Andressa

Image Source: GenerationIron

Collaboration History: ProSupps and Nebbia

Instagram Profile: @eva_andressa

Achievements: Won 1st at NABBA Brasil, Lobo Bravo Cup Champion - Figure, NABBA Brasil - Figure, and IFBB Brasil - Bodyfitness

Eva Andressa is a renowned Brazilian fitness model. Though she started her career as a bodybuilder, she retired from it in 2009 and pursued modeling. She is a successful fitness influencer with a strong social media presence worldwide.

She has also found success on a celebrity TV show in Brazil – Programa do Jo.

  1. Tammy Hembrow

Image Source: Insta Profile

Collaboration History: Oh Polly

Instagram Profile: @tammyhembrow

Achievements: Top female fitness models and influencers - Forbes 

Tammy is an Australian fitness model and an Instagram influencer. She rose to fame when she documented her pregnancy through social media at the age of 20. Her fitness journey and postpartum experiences have engaged the audience, making her a key influencer among new moms.

Apart from being a social media influencer, she's an entrepreneur as well. Her app - Tammy Fit App - has found success, and is also the founder of SASKI - a fitness wear online brand.

  1. Lauren Drain

Image Source: Muscle & Fitness

Collaboration History: Domin8

Instagram Profile: @laurendrainfit

Achievements: 1st place at WBFF Rhode Island Bikini (Pro Card), and 2nd place at WBFF NYC Bikini and Boston Bikini

Lauren is not the typical female fitness model you will find in this list. She's an author, personal trainer and registered nurse. Her written work - Banished - is one of the best sellers in NYT. She is a bikini fitness model and has won several awards at WBFF Bikini competitions.

Lauren also owns clothing apparel - Fit Angel Collection. 

  1. Brooke Ence

Image Source: FitnessVolt

Collaboration History: Beyond Clothing

Instagram Profile: @brookeence

Achievements: ENCEWear (her own clothing apparel)

A former crossfit competitor and winner, Brooke Ence is among the most powerful women fitness models on Instagram. She's known for her intense training routines and came 14th at the 2015 CrossFit Games. 

Apart from being an internet sensation, she has also acted in big gun movies like Wonder Woman and Justice League.

  1. Gracyanne Barbosa

Image Source: Insta Profile

Collaboration History: Specific brand names are not available, but she has partnered with several fitness-related brands.

Instagram Profile: @graoficial

Achievements: 4 times Drum Queen, now actress on the soap opera - "Bela, a Feia".

Gracyanne Barbosa is a well-known Brazilian fitness model and Carnival dancer. She modelled for Playboy Brazil in 2007, but she got media attention after a video of her squatting 450lb was shared online.

11. Ana Cheri

Image Source: Muscle & Fitness

Collaboration History: Change Fate Active Wear

Instagram Profile: @anacheri

Achievements: Playboy Playmate of the Month for October 2015

With over 12 million followers on Instagram, Ana Cheri is one of the top female fitness models. She's a model and entrepreneur and was also a feature Playmate model in 2015. If you want to collaborate with her, here is her email ID -

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Top Male Fitness Models

The male fitness models we collated comprise mostly renowned bodybuilders and professionals, all with great influence over social media. Let’s have a quick look. 

1. Chris Bumstead

Image Source: Fitness Volt

Collaboration History: Raw Nutrition

Instagram Profile: @cbum

Achievements: Five-time Mr. Olympia Classic Physique Champion

Chris Bumstead a.k.a. CBum is a Canadian professional builder and the most popular fitness model among men. He is a Five-time Mr. Olympia Classic Physique Champion and a member of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB).

2. Ulisses Jr

Image Source: Insta Profile

Collaboration History: Brand Ambassador of BioTech USA

Instagram Profile: @ulissesworld

Achievements:  2010 Musclemania World Championships Las Vegas Pro (1st, Pro Division).  2011 Musclemania World Championships Las Vegas Pro (2n, Pro Division), 2013 Musclemania World Championships Las Vegas Pro (1st, Pro Division), and more.

Known for his shredded physique and iconic 8-pack, Ulisses Jr is a former bodybuilder and fitness model. He has won numerous competitions. He came 1st at Musclemania World Championships Las Vegas Pro and MuscleMania SuperBody Champion - twice.

After his competitive bodybuilding career, Ulisses transitioned to helping others achieve their fitness goals. His fitness influence is wide on Instagram and TikTok.

3. Simeon Panda

Image Source: Fitness Volt

Collaboration History: Inno Supps and Gold's Gym

Instagram Profile: @simeonpanda

Achievements: Champion of Musclemania Pro, Europe

This British fitness influencer is a bodybuilder, sports model, and personal trainer. Simeon through training videos has racked up more than 8 million followers and has become one of the top Instagram fitness models.

4. Sergi Constance

Image Source: YouTube

Collaboration History: Scitec Nutrition

Instagram Profile: @sergiconstance

Achievements:  1st – Men’s Physique NPC Tampa Wings of Strength Championship. Fl., E.E.U.U. and Overall Champion Men’s Physique, 2nd – Men’s Physique NPC Southern States Championship, Fl., E.E.U.U, and more. 

You know the muscular guy who played Zeus in Snyder's Justice League, well here he is. Sergi Constance has come 1st in Men’s Physique competitions six times and has been on the cover of numerous magazines. With a degree in physical education and sport, this Spanish bodybuilder is a top fitness model.

5. Lazar Angelov

Image Source: Muscle Prodigy

Collaboration History: Whey Protiem

Instagram Profile: @lazar_angelov_official

Achievements: Owns the lifestyle clothing brand - 4invictus and a sportswear brand called Dedicated Division.

Lazar is better known for his motivation and inspiration, helping to transform others. He was once a pro basketball player (in Bulgaria) who joined the army to work two jobs to achieve his goal of becoming a bodybuilder. 

Though he has never competed in bodybuilding competitions, his fitness regime has kept him in shape. He's one of the most famous male fitness influencers in the world. 

6. Marc Fitt

Image Source: Insta profile

Collaboration History: Xtend, Colgate

Instagram Profile: @marc_fitt

Achievements: Achieving multiple nutrition scholarships

Marc is a Canadian fitness model and entrepreneur, and a top name in the fitness industry. Through his training videos and nutritional tips, he has amassed a million followers on Instagram.

Like Lazar, Marc has never participated in competitions. However, he has leveraged his following to attract collaborations. He has done multiple supplement endorsements and also owns an apparel company.

7. Ryan Terry

Image Source: Muscle & Fitness

Collaboration History: PRIMAL

Instagram Profile: @ryanjterry

Achievements: Mr Great Britain (2010), Mr International (2010), 1st Place Arnold Classic (2021), and more.

Believe it or not, this Ryan Terry did modelling as a side hustle. Now he's won Mr Olympia, 2023 edition. He was the champion of the Arnold Classic - three times. He is undoubtedly one of the top male fitness models and has appeared on GQ Italy and Men's Health Spain.

8. Joey Swoll

Image Source: New York Post

Collaboration History: CBD company Ignite, Gold’s Gym

TikTokProfile: @thejoeyswoll

Achievements: Top fitness coach and bodybuilder

With an impressive physique, Joey is a bodybuilder and a TikTok fitness influencer. The name "Swoll" is actually a nickname others gave him for his physique.

He achieved this through hard work, dedication, and late nights in the gym. Not only is he a successful fitness model and co-owner of a supplement company, but Joey is also a social media star. 

He uses his platform, particularly TikTok, to spread positivity and educate people about gym etiquette.

9. Anton Antipov

Image Source: Muscle & Fitness

Collaboration History: Ambassador for BHI Slovakia, a healthcare organization

Instagram Profile: @maiseu

Achievements: 8 times IFBB Pro Champion

Anton is a former Russian football player and now a renowned bodybuilder. He was champion of IFBB Pro 8 times and Olympian - five times.

Growing up without a gym, he relied on his father's lessons in bodyweight exercises to stay fit. It was only after immigrating to the US that he discovered his passion for weightlifting, a passion that fueled his incredible transformation.

He is one of the top-rated male fitness influencers in NYC.

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10. Brandon Hendrickson

Image Source: Fitness Volt

Collaboration History: Change Fate Active Wear

Instagram Profile: @brandon.d.hendrickson

Achievements: 1st place in the 2018 Mr. Olympia competition in Las Vegas

Brandon Hendrickson, a top fitness model, defied sceptics to become a two-time Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique champion. His journey began in 2012, marked by relentless dedication and strategic planning.

With a degree in Healthcare Management, Brandon blends intellect with brawn. His disciplined approach to diet and workouts sets him apart, leading to a string of victories worldwide.

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