Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.

Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.



13 Best HypeAuditor Alternatives 2024

13 Best HypeAuditor Alternatives 2024

Mar 14, 2024



So, you are on the lookout for an influencer marketing tool. But with so many options available, choosing one can be a daunting task.   

You have done your research and probably shortlisted some tools as well, including HypeAuditor. But what if we told you that there are better alternatives to HypeAuditor? You are here probably for the same reason.   

Well, you are at the right place. This blog discusses the 13 best HypeAuditor alternatives for 2024.  

Reasons Why Agencies are Considering Alternatives to HypeAuditor in 2024 

Despite the utilities offered by HypeAuditor, several agencies are exploring alternatives. This is primarily due to the reasons outlined below:   

Limited Database:   

Its database, while extensive, is not exhaustive. Agencies looking for a broad and diverse array of influencers often find the platform's offerings insufficient.   

Cost Factor:   

HypeAuditor's pricing model is restrictive, especially for smaller teams and startups. The essential features are locked behind higher paywalls, rendering it an unfeasible option for many.  

Overly Simplistic Metrics:   

While HypeAuditor aims to provide useful data, some of the provided metrics oversimplify complex issues. This could lead to confusion rather than clarity. Agencies seeking comprehensive and nuanced insight might find HypeAuditor's metrics lacking in depth.   

Given these points, it's clear why some agencies are considering alternatives to HypeAuditor in their influencer marketing strategies. With that said, let's have a look at some efficient alternatives to HypeAuditor.

Inability to Reach Out to Influencers:

One drawback of Hypeauditor is that users are unable to send messages to influencers. The feature serves as a vital component in initiating influencer partnerships. The lack of the feature hinders the efficiency and effectiveness of the tool.

Top HypeAuditor Alternatives

Here are the top alternatives to HypeAuditor that can significantly bolster your influencer marketing strategy.


Free Version: Available

Starter Plan: $89 per month is a simple and highly intuitive influencer marketing tool that helps agencies find, analyze, and manage influencers. With over 250 million influencer databases and a reverse search engine, facilitates the hardest part of influencer marketing. Finding the right influencers. 

This, coupled with its key features,, is one of the best HypeAuditor alternatives currently available in the market. 

Key Features

  • Audience Analysis:  

This feature allows you to get a deeper understanding of audience demographics, interests, and behaviors. As a result, you can identify the most effective influencers for your brand.  

  • Fake Follower Check:  

You can ensure the authenticity of influencers by verifying the legitimacy of their audience. This way, you can protect your brand from fraud.   

  • White Label Solution:  

You can customize the platform’s interface and functionality to align with your agency's branding elements. By offering a platform that appears inherently as theirs, you can strengthen brand loyalty and provide added value to your clients.   

  • Live Campaign Reporting & ROI Measurement:  

You can track campaign performance in real-time and quantify ROI with unparalleled accuracy. In addition, you can share live reports with clients to foster transparency, trust, and collaboration.  

  • Data Access: equips you with unparalleled access to both first-party and third-party data. This allows you to serve a spectrum of insightful analytics.

 Pricing offers a free version to test out their platform. If you are a business looking for a short-term influencer marketing campaign, then avail the starter plan for just $89 per month. vs HypeAuditor

  • HypeAuditor has a massive influencer database of 120.7M+ influencers. At the same time, boasts a more extensive database of 250M influencers, which is more than double.

  • offers unparalleled simplicity. With its user-friendly interface, finding the right influencers becomes a breeze.

  • Though HypeAuditor doesn't mention any subscription plans, it might be on the pricier side. However, is a more budget-friendly alternative for HypeAuditor.

Agencies can get customized quotes and pay only for your requirements - please contact the team for more details.

  1. GRIN 

Free Version: Not Available

Starter Plan: Available upon request

GRIN is another compelling alternative to HypeAuditor, offering an all-in-one influencer marketing solution. It helps brands manage and optimize their influencer marketing campaigns from a single, centralized location.   

Key Features  

  • Campaign Management:  

You can manage all stages of your influencer marketing campaigns, ensuring a seamless workflow.  

  • ROI Tracking:  

It provides real-time analytics and reporting. This enables you to measure the effectiveness of the influencer campaigns and calculate the ROI accurately. 

  •  Content and Rights Management:  

With GRIN, you can streamline the process of content approval and secure the rights to user-generated content. Thus, it extends your brand's reach and authenticity.  

  • Global Influencer Payments:  

GRIN simplifies the payment process with an integrated global payment system. This ensures timely and hassle-free transactions with influencers worldwide.  


GRIN offers a customized pricing model tailored to your business needs. For detailed pricing information, please contact the GRIN team directly.

If you have already tried GRIN, find the best GRIN alternatives that might impress you.

  1. Influencity 

Free Version: Not Available 

Starter Plan: $168 per month  

Influencity is another robust tool offering a comprehensive solution for influencer marketing. It offers advanced tools and features to help businesses run successful campaigns. The tool’s advanced algorithms and extensive database make it a viable alternative to HypeAuditor.  

Key Features

  • Campaign Management:  

You can effectively manage and monitor your influencer campaigns with their customizable dashboard. This ensures smooth execution and tracking.

  • In-depth Analytics:  

With Influencity, you can access detailed reports about your campaign performance. This helps you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your campaigns.  

  • Automated Payments:  

Adopting an automated payment system makes transactions with influencers smoother and more efficient.  


The starter plan for Influencity starts at $168 per month.

  1. Upfluence

Free Version: Not Available 

Starter Plan: Pricing available upon request  

Upfluence is another HypeAuditor alternative you can consider. It offers robust features for businesses aiming to maximize their online presence. The tool allows brands to identify and connect with influencers efficiently.  

Key Features  

  • Influencer Identification:

It offers an extensive database of influencers. This helps businesses find the influencers that best fit them. 

  • Campaign Management:

It provides a user-friendly dashboard that helps manage and monitor influencer campaigns. In doing so, it enhances the overall effectiveness of marketing efforts.  

  • Performance Analysis:

Upfluence provides in-depth analytics, offering valuable insights into the performance of influencer campaigns. These analytics empower businesses to make informed decisions for future marketing strategies.  


Upfluence's pricing model is personalized based on the specific needs of your business. For precise pricing details, reach out to the Upfluence team.  

Also, take a look at why agencies are looking at Upfluencer alternatives and which is the best alternative. 

5. #paid  

Free Version: Not Available  

Starter Plan: Pricing available upon request   

#paid is an innovative influencer marketing platform that is both powerful and user-friendly. It offers a comprehensive range of features designed to connect brands with influencers that align with their mission and values.  

Key Features 

  • Influencer Discovery:

It offers access to an extensive database of influencers, helping you to find the right influencers for the campaigns. 

  • Seamless Collaboration:

With #paid, businesses and influencers collaborate effortlessly via the platform. This simplifies the process of campaign creation and execution. 

  • Efficient Compensation: 

The platform's automated payment system streamlines transactions. Doing so removes the need for manual payments and ensures a seamless experience for both the business and the influencer.  


Like most influencer marketing tools, #paid offers customized pricing. For exact pricing information, reach out directly to the #paid team.

6. Modash 

Free Version: Not Available  

Starter Plan: $99 per month

Modash is a cutting-edge influencer marketing platform and another HypeAuditor alternative. It empowers organizations to connect with influencers who resonate with their brand ethos and target audience.   

Key Features  

  • Audience Verification:

Modash emphasizes the authenticity of the audience. It employs sophisticated algorithms to analyze followers and detect fake profiles. This mitigates the risks associated with influencer fraud.  

  • Analytics and Reporting:

This platform offers robust analytics and reporting tools. It allows businesses to track campaign performance and measure ROI effectively.

  • ROI Measurement:

Modash allows brands to measure the ROI of their influencer marketing campaigns accurately.


The basic paid plan starts at $99 per month. Contact Modash’s team for more details on their pricing models.

Have you already tried Modash? Then, check out these ideal Modash alternatives.

  1. InBeat 

Free Version: Not Available  

Starter Plan: $200 per month

InBeat is an innovative influencer marketing tool that focuses on fostering authentic connections between brands and influencers in specific niches.   

Key Features  

  • Niche-Specific Influencer Search:

InBeat allows businesses to find influencers within specific niches. This ensures a highly targeted and effective influencer marketing strategy

  • Collaboration Tools:

With InBeat, brands, and influencers can collaborate seamlessly on campaigns, improving communication and overall effectiveness.

  • Demographic Insights:

It offers in-depth demographic insights into influencers' audiences. Doing so enables brands to ensure their campaigns are reaching the right people.

  • Performance Analytics and ROI Measurement:

InBeat provides detailed analytics to measure the success and impact of influencer marketing campaigns.  


The basic paid plan starts at $200 per month. Contact their team for more details on their pricing models.

  1. Traackr  

Free Version: Not Available  

Starter Plan: Pricing available upon request   

Next on the list of HypeAuditor alternatives is Traackr. It's an influencer marketing platform that assists brands in identifying suitable influencers, managing campaigns, and measuring their impact on a global scale.   

Key Features  

  • Multi-Platform Integration: 

Traackr integrates with various social media and content platforms. This way, it provides a centralized dashboard for managing influencer partnerships and campaigns across different channels.   

  • Campaign Management:

The tool simplifies the process of managing multiple campaigns, allowing brands to streamline their influencer marketing efforts and improve efficiency.  

  • Secure Transactions:

Traackr also facilitates secure, automated payments, ensuring smooth transactions between brands and influencers.  


Contact the Traackr team for a personalized quote.  

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  1. AspireIQ 

Free Version: Not Available  

Starter Plan: Pricing available upon request   

AspireIQ is another HypeAuditor alternative to try out. It's designed to empower brands to foster meaningful relationships with influencers. The platform is scalable, allowing businesses to manage numerous partnerships effectively. 

 Key Features  

  • Content Management: 

The platform offers features for content review and approval. This ensures that the created content is in alignment with brand guidelines and campaign objectives.  

  • Performance Analytics:

AspireIQ enables businesses to assess the impact of their campaigns through an analytics suite. As a result, businesses can make data-driven decisions and refine marketing strategies.   

  • Community Building: 

AspireIQ places a strong emphasis on building and nurturing brand communities. It facilitates engagement and interaction between brands and their communities.  


Reach out to the AspireIQ team for a personalized quote.  

10. Followerwonk

Free Version: Limited Features Available  

Starter Plan: Pricing available upon request   

Followerwonk is an influencer marketing tool solely for Twitter. It provides deep insights into Twitter followers, their locations, and their active hours. It's especially effective for brands wanting to understand and expand their social media reach.   

The tool has now been acquired by Fedica, an all-in-one social media publishing platform. 

Key Features  

  • Twitter Bio Search: 

This feature allows businesses to search Twitter bios for keywords to find potential influencers. 

  • Follower Analysis: 

The tool enables detailed analysis of your followers, assisting in strategic content planning. The analysis includes but is not limited to their locations and the times they're most active. 

  • Social Authority Ranking: 

This helps in identifying impactful Twitter users informing strategic partnership decisions.  


Contact the Followerwonk team for more details.

  1. Intellifluence

Free Version: Limited Features Available  

Starter Plan: $99 per month   

Intellifluence is an influencer marketing tool that facilitates collaboration between brands and influencers. It’s a community where brands and influencers converge to establish beneficial relationships. Not only that, the tool caters to a wide range of industries.  

Key Features  

  • Campaign Management:  

The platform offers features for managing and tracking influencer marketing campaigns. Doing so ensures efficient execution and real-time monitoring.  

  • Peer-to-Peer Communication: 

The platform offers a direct messaging feature, helping brands and influencers to communicate within the platform.  

  • Payment Handling: 

Intellifluence simplifies the compensation process by managing payment distributions to influencers. This reduces administrative workload and ensures timely and accurate payments. 


The tool offers a free version with limited features. The basic paid plan starts at $99 per month.

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12. Lefty

Free Version: Not Available

Starter Plan: Contact Lefty to craft a plan that suits your interests.

Lefty is the next influencer search tool among HypeAuditor alternatives. It offers marketers an unparalleled influencer discovery experience. Its user-friendly interface makes identifying the perfect influencer effortless. Lefty provides a vast database of qualified influencers and dedicated filters to categorize the influencers.

Key Features

  • Social Commerce:

Lefy offers seamless integration with your e-commerce platform. This connection elevates your online store to new heights. This innovative feature facilitates and simplifies affiliate programs and efficiently monitors their performance.

  • Organization Dashboard:

The dashboard offers real-time insights into your campaign's performance. After analyzing your campaign, it points out the critical proprietary indicators. Therefore, it facilitates data-driven growth opportunities.

  • Competitive Analysis:

It enables you to compare your campaign with that of your competitors. Based on the KPIs, it depicts your ranking in the competitive landscape. Lefty empowers you to reverse engineer their campaign to build a working influencer marketing strategy.


Lefty does not mention Pricing plans on its website. However, you can request a demo or contact its team to sign up for Lefty.

13. Ainfluencer

Free Version: Free to use

Starter Plan: Get in touch with Ainfluencer to know any pricing plans.

Ainfluencer is one of the sites like HypeAuditor that helps brands connect with leading influencers. It aims to improve brand awareness and fuel brand growth. The tool can be of great use for brands looking to create UGC, including product reviews and unboxing videos.

Key Features

  • Niche Influencers:

Ainfluencer houses niche-specific influencers from Canada, the USA, the UK, and India. Moreover, it boasts a vast database of 500K influencers in different niches. It enables brands to find influencers who can create product demos, unpacking videos, and more.

  • Scalability:

Ainfluencer boasts its scalability. It promises that brands can collaborate with as many influencers as they like. The service has a vast pool of influencers that lets brands collaborate with hundreds and thousands of influencers.

  • Genuine Influencers:

Ainfluencer ensures that brands collaborate only with genuine influencers. Moreover, it eliminates the risk of fake audiences in your campaign. Its cutting-edge AI and Escrow system also removes the risk of unfulfilled paid campaigns.


Ainfluencer is an entirely free platform where influencers and brands meet. It is a free influencer marketplace that opens doors to genuine collaborations.


Choosing the right influencer marketing tool can make all the difference in a brand's success. Each of the tools we mentioned are HypeAuditor alternatives you can consider. However, it's essential to assess your specific business needs and budget before making a decision.   

With the right influencer marketing tool, you can find the influencers best fit for the campaign. As a result, you can effectively reach out to your target audience and boost brand visibility and credibility.   

Don't hesitate to try out different tools until you find the perfect fit for your brand!   

Make use of's free version to evaluate the tool.

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