Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.

Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.


Top 12 Influencer Marketing Tools You Need to Know

Top 12 Influencer Marketing Tools You Need to Know

Apr 19, 2024



List of best influencer marketing tools
List of best influencer marketing tools
List of best influencer marketing tools

Influencer marketing is now a $24 billion industry!

The influencer marketing industry has tripled its size since 2019 and spiked to an astonishing $24 billion in 2024

From movie stars to social media celebrities, influencer marketing is at its all-time high. But, with so many options, choosing an influencer marketing tool can be a daunting task.

Well, you are at the right place. 

Here, we discuss the best influencer marketing tools you can look into. We discuss each tool’s features, pricing, and more. 

Let’s delve into it.

A Quick Overview of Influencer Marketing Tools

 Best Influencer Marketing Tools

Best Influencer Marketing Tools for 2024

Our experts have shortlisted the following top influencer marketing tools after careful consideration of their features and customer reviews. Kindly go through the list and visit each tool to get to know more about them in detail

1. is an influencer marketing management platform. It's designed to help agencies discover, track, and manage their influencers to increase the success of their campaigns. The user interface is highly intuitive and helps find the right influencer in under 3 minutes.

 Dashboard of impulze has an influencer database of 250 million spread across the globe. Not only that, you can verify the authenticity of these profiles, their followers, and their engagement rate. All these, together with its white-label support, make it one of the best influencer marketing tools in the market.

Core Features

Fake Follower Detection: 

An essential feature that allows users to detect and weed out influencers with a large number of fake or inactive followers. This ensures that marketers engage only with genuine influencers whose follower base is active and responsive.  

White-Label Support:  

Agencies can personalize the platform's appearance to reflect their branding, offering a seamless experience to their clients.  

Audience Analysis: 

Beyond usual metrics, users can dive deep into the demographics and behaviors of an influencer's audience. This ensures alignment with campaign objectives and target audiences.  

Data Access: provides users with both first-party and third-party data. First-party data is the data collected directly from users, and third-party data is the data sourced from external providers. Doing so helps users to get a comprehensive view of influencers and their audiences.  

ROI Measurement and Live Campaign Reporting:  

Users can measure the ROI of their influencer campaigns in real-time. Also, users can share live campaign reports with clients, enhancing transparency and accountability.


Impulze offers a free version, which you can use to evaluate the efficiency of the tool. The pricing starts from $89 per month. 

They also offer custom pricing for agencies. Contact the Impulze team to learn more about the custom plan.

Request a demo

2. HypeAuditor

 Hypeauditor homepage

HypeAuditor is an online influencer marketing platform that helps businesses find, analyze, and collaborate with influencers to grow their brand. It uses AI-powered analytics to provide detailed insights into each influencer’s profile. This includes audience size, engagement rates, and authenticity.   

As one of the top-rated influencer marketing tracking tools, it also provides collaboration tools to make it easier for brands to manage their campaigns and track the results. Though this is the case, their micro-influencer database is comparatively limited. 

Core Features  

Influencer Analysis:  

The platform delivers extensive analytics on individual influencers. The metrics showcase metrics like audience size, engagement rates, and authenticity.   

Marketing Analysis:  

This feature helps you get a complete view of the social media and influencer marketing landscape to boost your brand awareness and attract new customers. You can use this insight to prioritize your roadmap, venture into new markets, and enhance ROI.  

Authenticity Score:   

This is used to evaluate the authenticity level of an influencer. This score is evaluated based on the prevalence of fake followers within their audience, the actual engagement rate, and the genuineness of the shared content.


Their pricing isn’t transparent. However, according to customer reviews of platforms like G2, the pricing is expensive. 

 customer review on the pricing model of hypeauditor

Source: G2 Review


image of is a platform designed to connect influencers and brands. For influencers, it offers a space to curate their profiles, integrate their social media accounts, and scout for potential collaborations. And brands can identify suitable influencers, oversee campaigns, and monitor outcomes.

Core Features  

Influencer Marketplace:  

Brands can navigate through their vast marketplace and cherry-pick influencers based on specific criteria. This includes niche specialization, follower count, and engagement metrics.  

Campaign Management:  

Being one of the best selling and best influencer marketing tools, empowers brands to craft, steer, and refine influencer campaigns. The feature encompasses functions such as budget allocation, result tracking, and executing payments.  

Advanced Reporting:  

To assess the impact of influencer campaigns, brands can leverage the platform's reporting feature. It presents crucial metrics, including clicks, impressions, and conversion rates, offering a transparent view of campaign efficacy.

Pricing pricing

They offer a free version, but for business purposes, you will need their paid plan, which costs $600 per month.

4. Influencity

influencity homepage

Influencity is an advanced influencer marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence. It's designed to support brands and agencies throughout the influencer marketing lifecycle. The platform offers precision in finding the right influencer fit based on specific criteria.  

Core Features  

Contract Management: 

This allows you to streamline the contractual aspects of influencer collaborations. With Influencity, brands can draft, dispatch, and monitor contract statuses with influencers seamlessly.  

Campaign Management:  

This feature efficiently design, delegate, and oversee influencer marketing campaigns. Track the performance and draw insights for future endeavors.  

Comprehensive Reporting:  

You can gauge the impact of influencer campaigns using Influencity's detailed reports. Metrics encompass engagement rates, reach, click-through rates, etc., and offer a holistic view of campaign effectiveness.


There is no free version of the tool, but they offer a 7-day free trial to check their tool. The pricing starts from $134 per month.

5. Influencer Hero

Influencer Hero is an influencer marketing tool that helps companies find, talk to, work with, and keep track of influencers. The tool knows about over 10 million influencers on big sites like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook. You can plan and run marketing projects with influencers using this tool. It also lets you see how well your projects are doing.

Core Features  

Audience Analysis:  

The tool tells you about an influencer's followers, like their age, what they like, and how often they react to posts.  

Content Library:  

Influencer Hero has a big collection of pictures and videos, which you can use in your marketing.  

Affiliate Marketing:  

The tool allows you to engage in affiliate marketing with influencers.   

Campaign Analysis:  

Influencer Hero shows you details on how many people saw your marketing, how they felt about it, and how much money you made.


Influencer Hero Pricing

The tool doesn’t offer any free version, and the paid plans start from $249 per month.

6. Creable

Creable homepage

Creable is a tool designed to make influencer marketing easy for businesses. It has access to a wide range of influencers from platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. This makes it a one-stop shop for finding, reaching, and working with influencers.

Core Features:  

Influencer Contact:  

Get in touch with influencers directly using their contact info. Plus, send emails to multiple influencers at once.  

Audience Analysis:  

See details about an influencer's followers. This includes their demographics, interests, and the level of their engagement.   


Get full reports about how your campaigns did, including how many people you reached and how they interacted.


creable pricing

There is a free trial period for all their pricing plans, which starts at $49 per user per month.

7. TrendHERO

 TrendHERO homepage

Trendhero is yet another influencer analytics tool you can look into. It's designed to help brands and marketers analyze and track influencers on platforms like Instagram. By providing insights into an influencer's followers, engagement, and content, the tool enables users to make informed decisions about their influencer partnerships and campaigns.  

Core Features: 

Influencer Analysis:  

Assess an influencer's overall performance by analyzing their posts, engagement rates, and growth trends.  

Fake Follower Detection:  

Trendhero's algorithms can detect suspicious follower activities. This helps to identify influencers with fake or purchased followers.  

Audience Insights:  

Get a detailed breakdown of an influencer's audience, including demographics like age, gender, and location.  

Engagement Rate Calculation:  

You can calculate the actual engagement rates of influencers, which can be more insightful than just follower numbers.


trendhero pricing

It offers a free version with very limited features. Its paid plans start from $9.99, which lacks the influencer database.

8. Modash

Modash homepage

Modash is a tool that helps companies find and keep an eye on influencers from Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. With the tool, you can easily search for influencers. You can look for them based on things like what they're interested in, where they are, or how many people follow them.

Core Features  

Keeping Track of Projects:  

Modash helps you watch over your projects with influencers. You can see how things are going, check the results, and make changes if needed.  


Modash can give you reports about your projects, so you can see if they're working well and what changes you might need to make.  


Modash can work with other tools you might be using, like Google Analytics or Salesforce. This means you can see all your results in one place.


You will get a 14-day free trial for their pricing plans. Their basic plan starts at $99 per month for one user.

Isn’t Modash your ideal influencer search tool? Then, check out these Modash alternatives.

9. Upfluence

Upfluence homepage

Upfluence is one of the leading Instagram influencer marketing tools. It assists brands in identifying and collaborating with influencers across various social media channels and blogs. By providing a suite of tools, it streamlines the entire influencer marketing process, making it more efficient and effective for brands and agencies.  

Core Features  

Audience Analytics:  

It dives deep into the demographics and other statistics of an influencer's audience to ensure the best fit for the brand's target market.  

Campaign Management:  

Users can manage all stages of an influencer campaign, from outreach to execution, all within the platform.  

Content & Collaboration Tools:   

It allows brands and influencers to collaborate in real-time on content creation. This ensures alignment with campaign goals.  

Performance Tracking:  

This helps monitor the ROI and overall performance of influencer campaigns with detailed analytics and reporting tools.


upfluence pricing

Get in touch with the Upfluence team for pricing details.

10. SocialBook

Socialbook homepage

SocialBook is a dynamic influencer marketing intelligence platform. It's designed to empower businesses to seamlessly identify, communicate with, and collaborate with influencers, all while providing actionable insights on their performance.  

Core Features  

Direct Influencer Contact:  

The tool offers access to contact details of influencers directly and initiates outreach. It also facilitates bulk email communications.  

Audience Insights:  

You can dive deep into the audience metrics of each influencer, analyzing demographics, engagement, and interests. 

In-depth Analytics:  

This helps you gain a holistic understanding of influencer performance. This can be anything from reach and engagement metrics to a comprehensive ROI analysis.  

End-to-End Campaign Management: 

This allows you to oversee your influencer marketing campaigns in their entirety. From crafting campaign briefs and monitoring performance to generating detailed reports, it helps you with all.


Socialbook pricing

They offer a “Platinum” plan for agencies which costs $499 per month, and a custom plan for enterprises, details for which are available upon request.

11. GRIN

GRIN is one of the finest influencer marketing tracking tools, turning brands into household names. It is the right tool for all brands to develop authentic relationships with content creators. It guides brands in discovering and recruiting influencers to nurture healthy relationships. 

Core Features

Identify Fake Influencers

GRIN allows marketers to identify fake influencers with fake followers to boost their follower counts, thereby empowering brands to make authentic influencer relationships.

Influencer Finder Lookalike Tool

As one of the top-rated influencer marketing tools for Instagram, GRIN helps brands find lookalike influencers and partner with creators who are similar to the influencers teaming up with their competitors.

Influencer Marketing Analytics Tools

With its free tool for influencer analytics, GRIN offers detailed influencer data, including engagement rates and metrics, thereby enabling brands to team up with the right creators.

Influencer Comparison Tool

GRIN, one of the top-rated and best influencer marketing tools, helps marketers compare influencers based on their performance metrics. Therefore, it ensures that brands only partner with the finest influencers. 


Based on the brand's influencer marketing requirements, GRIN offers various plans. However, marketers will have to contact GRIN's team to come up with a plan that suits their interests. 

Looking for popular influencer marketing tools like GRIN? Here are the best alternatives for GRIN that you should consider.

12. SocialLadder

Next on the list of tools for influencer marketing is Social Ladder. It is a smart tool for marketers to hire influencers and run successful campaigns. Being one of the best reviewed influencer marketing tools, Social Ladder is a single window for managing brand ambassadors and influencers.

Core Features

Identify and Hire Brand Fans

It's the ideal tool for brands looking to hire influential customers to promote their brand or create user-generated content for their products. 

Simplifies Communication

With Social Ladder, it's easy for marketers to communicate with influencers directly or send mass messages. Effective communication with influencers is possible through its well-designed features like message boards, community chat, and email templates.

Detailed Analytics

Social Ladder offers detailed influencer analytics through its interactive leaderboards. It is one of the leading tools to measure influencer marketing campaigns' ROI. 

Boost Engagement With Customized Missions

This innovative influencer marketing tool empowers brands to create customized 'Missions' to mobilize their online community. It allows them to incentivize creators with micro-rewards and allow these ambassadors to work towards bigger rewards.


Marketers can learn about Social Ladder's pricing plans by contacting their team. 


To conclude, the tools we discussed are only 12 among the many influencer marketing tools available in the market. And the success rate of the campaigns depends on choosing the right influencer marketing tools for brands. 

Therefore, invest some time to review each platform in detail. Make use of the free versions and the trials offered by the tools and see which is the right fit for you.
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