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25 Influencer Marketing Statistics to Look for In 2024

25 Influencer Marketing Statistics to Look for In 2024

Apr 29, 2024



 Influencer Marketing Stats
 Influencer Marketing Stats
 Influencer Marketing Stats

Seeking the latest influencer marketing stats for 2024? You’re in luck! We’ve gathered the latest and greatest influencer marketing statistics for you.

There are too many benefits of influencer marketing statistics to list. Having a knowledge of social media influencer marketing statistics helps you make informed decisions and optimize strategies. 

That’s why our blog dives deep into various aspects of social media influencer marketing statistics - B2B influencer marketing statistics, budget statistics, and global statistics.

Top Influencer Marketing Statistics for 2024

1. The International Market Size of Influencer Marketing is to Reach 24 Billion US Dollars

From 2019, the size of global influencer marketing has grown more than three times its size to 21.1 billion dollars in 2023. As of 2024, it is forecasted to reach 24 billion U.S. dollars.

2. 14.7% of Global Marketers Have Worked With Over 1000 Influencers

The results of a global survey in February 2024, which included brands, PR agencies, and marketing agencies, showed that 14.7% said they collaborated with over 1000 influencers. At the same time, 37.65% of marketers reported that their agencies have worked with up to 10 influencers.

3. 79.8% of Marketers Tracks Sales From Influencer Campaigns

From 74% of marketers tracking sales of their campaigns in 2024, the number rose to 79.8% in 2024. It also denotes that influencer payment is determined by the sales they bring from campaigns.

4. 80.7% of Marketers Use EMV to Measure ROI

With more marketers recognizing the effectiveness of Earned Media Value, 80.7% of them use it to measure the ROI of influencer marketing campaigns. However, 19.3% of marketers are against this, considering the complication of calculating EMV. 

5. 34% of Marketers Use Brand Awareness to Measure The Effectiveness of Influencer Marketing

According to a 2023 survey, 34% of marketers cited brand awareness as the best measure for influencer marketing campaigns. Meanwhile, 32% of marketers chose revenue and sales, and 29% chose impressions and views.

6. 28% of Marketers Say That Keeping Up With Trends is The Biggest Challenge

When marketers were asked about the biggest challenges in influencer marketing, 28% said it was hard to keep up with the ever-changing social media trends. Meanwhile, 26% of marketers pointed out the cost of working with influencers.

Top Influencer Marketing Budget Statistics

7. 40.8% of Brands Offer Monetary Rewards To Influencers

In 2022, the marketers said that they offer free samples to influencers to promote their brand rather than paying them. This trend is going downhill now, as 40.8% of marketers pay influencers for brand promotion.

Influencer Marketing Budget Allocation for 2024

8. Nearly 15% of Brands Spend Over $500K for Influencer Marketing

47.4% of brands, brands with low budgets and newer brands,  only spend less than $10K for influencer marketing. However, it’s to be noted that 14.5% of brands spend over $500K for influencer marketing campaigns. 

9. 59.4% of Maketers Aim To to Increase The Budget for Influencer Marketing

In 2024, 59.4% of marketers plan to increase their influencer marketing budgets, reflecting the growing recognition of its value in driving engagement and ROI.

10. Global Expenditure on Influencer Marketing Reached 34.08 Billion in 2023

Global spending on influencer marketing was reported to be 29.14 billion in 2022. By the end of 2023, it rose to 34.08 billion.

 How much do brands spend on influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing Statistics: United States

11. About 86% of Marketers in The US Will Use Influencers By 2025 

The influencer marketing penetration rate in the United States is expected to reach 82.7% in 2024 and further to a whopping 86% by 2025.

 Influencer marketing usage rate in the United States

12. United States Spent 26.09 Billion Dollars in 2023 for Influencer Marketing

In the United States alone, the expenditure on influencer marketing was 26.09 billion dollars in 2023, up from 22.19 billion U.S. dollars in 2022.

13. Instagram is the Most Popular Platform For Influencer Marketing in The US

In the United States alone, 68% of marketers voted Instagram as the most popular influencer marketing platform. Instagram is followed by Facebook (52%) and TikTok (42%).  

Instagram Influencer Marketing Statistics

14. 65.39% of Global Instagram Influencers are Nano influencers

Nano influencers with a follower count between 1000 and 10K followers comprise 65.39% of all Instagram influencers. With an impressive engagement rate, they bring effective ROI for influencer marketing campaigns.

Instagram Influencers and Follower Counts

15. Nano Influencers Charge Around $20 to $100 Per Post on Instagram

The pay for influencers on Instagram might depend on the number of followers. The least charging influencer category is nano influencers, whose posts cost up to $100.

 Average pay for Instagram Influencers

16. The Most Mentioned Brand is Instagram, Followed By Zara

On Instagram, 85,500 influencers have mentioned the brand Instagram. Zara is the next most mentioned brand, with 66400 influencers mentioning it, closely followed by Shein with 52,700 influencer mentions.

17. Instagram Is The Most Preferred Platform Among Influencers

About half a million influencers say that they prefer Instagram for influencer marketing. It could be because of the content options available on the platform.

TikTok Influencer Marketing Statistics

18. TikTok Offers the Best ROI For Influencer Marketing

50.1% of the marketers think TikTok offers the best ROI for influencer marketing. However, only 29.9% of marketers think Instagram brings better ROI than TikTok. 

19. 68.8% Brands Use TikTok for Influencer Marketing in 2024

Research in 2020 shows that 89% of marketers chose Instagram to be the leading platform for influencer marketing. However, in 2024, TikTok is the leading influencer marketing platform, with 68.8% of marketers using it.

 TikTok is the leading influencer marketing platform in 2024

20. TikTok Nano Influencers Have the Highest Engagement Rate in the Platform

The nano influencers on TikTok boast the highest engagement rate in the platform, serving as another proof of the surging growth of nano influencer marketing. They have an engagement rate of 11.97%, closely followed by micro influencers (10.21% engagement rate). 

21. Shein Is The Most Popular Brand on TikTok

13400 TikTok influencers have mentioned Shein in their posts, topping the list of top-mentioned brands on TikTok. Target and Netflix follow Shein in this list of popular brands.

Which is the most mentioned brand on TikTok

B2B Influencer Marketing Statistics

22. B2B Influencer Marketing Turned Effective For 78% of B2B Marketers

78% of B2B influencer marketers say that B2B influencer marketing is effective irrespective of campaign sizes.

23. The Average ROI for Each Dollar Invested, The ROI is $6.50

For B2B brands in influencer marketing, the ROI is $6.50 for every $1 investment. At the same time, the average conversion is around 13%. This shows that B2B influencer marketing is not just about improving brand awareness but also about driving sales.

24. The Average Engagement Rate of B2B Influencer Marketing Campaigns is 8.7%

With industry experts and thought leaders endorsing B2B brands, it boasts a high average engagement rate of 8.7%. This improved engagement is due to the high-quality and valuable content involved in B2B influencer marketing.

25. 50% of B2B Buyers Keep Up With The Industry Trends With The Content Of Industry Experts and Influencers

Employing industry experts and influencers in B2B influencer marketing can attract 50% of B2B buyers. This proves the effectiveness of B2B companies using podcasts and videos featuring industry experts discussing industry trends as part of influencer marketing.

Fine Tune Strategies With Influencer Marketing Statistics

Influencer marketing might come across as a relatively new industry for many. Understandably, there may be doubts about how long the buzz around influencer marketing will endure. 

However, those concerns are relevant to a more distant time frame. Capitalize on the peak of influencer marketing by utilizing the benefits of influencer marketing statistics. Employ the B2C and B2B influencer marketing statistics to devise a strategy that can catapult you to success.

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