Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.

Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.


Top Mommy Influencers or Momfluencers in 2024

Top Mommy Influencers or Momfluencers in 2024

Mar 29, 2024



Parenting might start as a new experience for most. However, it is incredible how much expertise parenting demands right from an early stage. So, new parents turn to other parents for advice and recommendations.

This is w hen mommy influencers come into the scene. They offer practical advice and their motherhood experiences on social media. Their advice makes them an influential force on social media.

They also share brands they like and trust, making them ideal parenting influencers. It opens a fantastic opportunity for parenting brands to reach their target audience. They can create powerful partnerships through influencer marketing.

But how can a brand find an ideal mom influencer to partner with? Explore our handpicked selection of top mommy influencers, tailor-made for parenting brands.

What is Momfluencer?

A Momfluencer is also known as a mommy influencer or mom influencer. It is a mother who uses her social media presence to share her parenting life. These influencers have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Mom influencers connect with other parents and individuals interested in family-oriented content. These parenting influencers are celebrated for their authenticity and relatability. Mommy influencers share the joys and challenges of motherhood.

The rise of momfluencers can be attributed to their ability to create a sense of community among their followers. Their social media platforms allow parents to connect and support each other.

Mommy influencers often collaborate with brands that align with their values and interests. For instance, they can promote children's clothing, baby gear, or family-friendly travel destinations. Some of them also collaborate with health, wellness, and educational resources.
Look how a momfluencer promotes musical and sound books brand on Instagram.

Momfluencer on Instagram

Meet The Top Mommy Influencers in 2024

  1. Summer Ford (@sumford)

Other Social Media Handles: TikTok and YouTube

Summer Ford is a digital creator and girl mom. Being one of the top mommy influencers, she shares her life and experiences as a mother. Her content is a heartfelt portrayal of her journey through motherhood. 

Summer's posts often feature sweet interactions with her child and tips for fellow girl moms. Her brand collaborations include Homeaglow, Lull, and Stitchy Fish.

2. MIKAYLA SHOCKS (@mama.shocks) 

Other Social Media Handles: Twitter

Mikayla Shocks invites her followers into the chaos of her life as a mother. Her posts exude a sense of humor and reliability, making her one of the top mommy influencers. Mikayla's posts are a candid portrayal of her journey as a mother of four. The brands this mom influencer promotes include Rice A Roni and Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers.

3. Ashley Terkeurst Turnbull (@ashleyterk)

Other Social Media Handles: Twitter

Next on the list of Top Mommy influencers is Ashley Terkeurst Turnbull. This parenting influencer blends personal experiences and parenting insights through her posts.

Her social media is often filled with warmth and authenticity. It makes her feed a welcoming space for parents and those interested in family life. Some brands she has mentioned on social media are Alpha-Lit Dallas and Dallas Balloon Babe.

4. Paige Craig (@_paigecraig)

Other Social Media Handles: YouTube and Twitter

Paige Craig is a wife to Christian Craig, an American motocross rider, and a mom of three. She shares her life as a mother and her family's experiences on her profile. Also, she promotes the @christiancraigbrand, which her husband owns. Her posts often feature her children and husband, showcasing their family dynamics.

5. Sara (@saraplustwins)

 Other Social Media Handles: TikTok, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Sara is a fertility nurse who shares her journey as a mom of three daughters. She offers a glimpse into her life with Scarlet, Crimson, and Ember. This Canadian parenting influencer promotes brands like Danone and GERBER.

Her posts combine heartwarming family photos with snapshots of her daily life. She also shares some informative videos of babies with her youngest daughter, Emby.

6. Kathryn Berner (@kathrynberner_)

Other Social Media Handles: TikTok

Kathryn Berner is a digital creator and a proud mama to Blakely Kate. This mommy influencer also awaits the birth of a baby boy. Her Instagram profile is a beautiful blend of motherhood and lifestyle content.

Kathryn's posts combine family moments, maternity fashion, and lifestyle inspiration. Her posts often feature adorable photos with her daughter Blakely. The brands this parenting influencer promotes include Caden Lane, Matchstick Monkey, and rainbow + co.

7. Alliy Thorstensen Scott (@helloalliy)

Other Social Media Handles: YouTube

Alliy Thorstensen Scott is a mama bird sharing her experiences as a mother. This mom influencer offers a personal and heartfelt look into her life. Her posts portray moments with her family, her thoughts on motherhood, and her daily life. Ailly shares family photos and personal reflections, creating a warm space for her followers.

8. Yasmyn (@yasmynswitzer)

Other Social Media Handles: TikTok and YouTube

Yasmyn Switzer is a 23-year-old mommy influencer from the USA. Her social media is a candid look into her life as a young mom of three. She has also released music, Silence and Fade Away.

Her posts feature adorable moments with her children. Her feed is a source of inspiration and support for other young mothers. 

9. Jessica Shyba (@jessicashyba)

Other Social Media Handles: TikTok

Jessica Shyba is the creator behind @mommasgonecity lite. This mom influencer from New York shares her experiences and her family's adventures. She isn't just one of the top mommy influencers but also has authored two children's books. Jessica's brand partnerships include Target, JetBlue, and the Honest Company.

10. Brittany Balyn (@balynbrittany)

Other Social Media Handles: YouTube

Brittany Balyn is a YouTuber and a single mom. This parenting influencer also owns the clothing brand Sparrow. Her posts showcase her journey as a video creator and entrepreneur.

She also balances her motherhood responsibilities, making her one of the top mommy influencers. Britany promotes brands like HUM Nutrition and Carter's along with her own brand.

Looking To Collaborate With The Ideal Mommy Influencer?

Partnering with the right mommy influencer is crucial to achieving a strong return on investment (ROI). Only an ideal influencer can authentically connect with your target audience. They can communicate your brand's message effectively and drive engagement and sales. 

Here are some strategies to find the perfect mommy influencer for your brand:

  • Find Mommy Influencers Who Are Your Customers:

The most authentic endorsements come from influencers who genuinely love your product. Search for branded hashtags on social media platforms to discover such influencers.

Additionally, brands can consider partnering with user-generated content (UGC) creators. Their genuine recommendations can significantly influence their followers' purchasing decisions.

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  • Look At Your Competitors:

Analyzing your competitors' influencer campaigns can provide valuable insights. By identifying the influencers they work with, you can find lookalike influencers with whom to partner.

This approach helps you discover influencers who are already successful in your niche.

  • Using Search Engines:

A simple Google search can be useful in finding popular momfluencers. Try searching for terms like these:

  • Top mommy bloggers

  • Top mommy influencers in [your location]

  • Top mom influencers on Instagram

  • Top TikTok mommy influencers

This can lead you to lists that highlight influential personalities in the parenting space.

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  • Using Influencer Marketing Tools:

Several tools and platforms are designed specifically for influencer discovery and analysis. One groundbreaking tool is It helps you find influencers based on specific criteria.

For instance, you can identify mommy influencers based on audience demographics, engagement rate, and location. The tool is user-friendly and comes with easy-to-use influencer filters. also boasts a vast influencer database and simplicity of usage. It includes over 250 million user profiles, and brands can discover the ideal influencer in just 3 minutes! Therefore, it diminishes the influencer prospecting time by 90%. 

Impulze guides you through your whole influencer marketing campaign. It offers real-time insights into your influencer campaign. So, ensures that every action you make is well-informed.

Want to see what all the buzz is about? Try for free and see what difference it can make.

With that, you can partner with one of the top mommy influencers for your campaign. Also, find out the leading influencers and KOLs in our blog:

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