Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.

Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.



What Is A Content UGC Creator? 9 Easy Ways to Find Them

What Is A Content UGC Creator? 9 Easy Ways to Find Them

Apr 26, 2024



How to Find UGC Creators
How to Find UGC Creators
How to Find UGC Creators

It's pretty remarkable, right? Brands go above and beyond, crafting top-notch ads to promote their products. Still, 34% of users opt for unpolished user-generated content (UGC) while making purchasing decisions. What secret ingredient does a UGC content creator sprinkle to sway their followers?

Curious about who UGC creators really are? They're actual consumers who love sharing their brand experiences. This genuine content helps shape brand perceptions.

It's great to see brands finally embracing the potential of UGC. They know its power to drive success in social media marketing. So, don't let yourself fall behind. Join forces with UGC creators to boost your brand's visibility and ROI.

Want to know all about UGC creators? Let's unpack their incredible benefits and some nifty strategies to boost their impact!

What is UGC Content Creator?

UGC creators craft genuine content for brands, blending seamlessly with everyday posts. The content looks natural like regular users make it. Traditionally, UGC was what users shared about what they loved about a brand's products. Brands can then share this UGC content on their feeds.

UGC creators now create sponsored videos suitable for TikTok and Instagram for brands. They create videos from their perspectives describing the brand's product. This narration gives a more authentic feel to the content.

It is optional for these creators to share the video on their feeds. However, some UGC creators do this for an extra fee.

According to Search Logistics, 79% of users feel that UGC heavily impacts purchasing decisions. Moreover, the social media marketing campaigns enjoy 50% more engagement by incorporating UGC.

Impact of UGC Statistics

What Makes A Good UGC Content Creator?

Here are some essential qualities brands should look for in UGC creators. 

  • Niche Focus

Unlike other content creators, UGC creators are expected to have a niche focus. For instance, if an influencer creates content for beauty products, then they should try to stick to it. 

But how can brands benefit from this niche focus? When a content creator of UGC concentrates on a niche, they excel at captivating the audience within that realm, creating authentic content. 

  • Engaging Content

As content created by a UGC content creator serves as a representation of your brand to potential customers, it's crucial that it's both engaging and of top-notch quality. 

But how can brands determine if a UGC content creator can create engaging content? Simply by reviewing their social media posts and past UGC collaborations. 

  • UGC Portfolio

UGC creators typically maintain a portfolio showcasing their past UGC collaborations with various brands. It's crucial for marketers to thoroughly review these portfolios to ascertain whether the influencer is a suitable representative for their brand. 

UGC Creators vs. Influencers

UGC creators and traditional influencers both contribute content for brands. But they are like two puzzle pieces, fitting into the brand promotion picture differently. Let's explore the uniqueness of influencers and UGC creators.

Difference between UGC creators and influencers

Benefits of UGC For Brands

Let's look closer at what makes UGC unique and stand out.

Authentic Content That Builds Trust

A UGC content creator crafts genuine content, giving your brand an extra dose of trustworthiness. They often play the role of a loyal fan. They make their content seem like a genuine expression of love for your brand rather than a pushy sales pitch.

Consumers feel that user-generated content is 35% more memorable than other promotional content.

Enhanced Engagement

UGC often results in better consumer engagement when compared to traditional advertising. Reportedly, 74% of consumers rely on social media to decide what to buy. Moreover, incorporating UGC into social media marketing can help increase engagement by 50%.

Improved Social Presence

When UGC creators mention your brand, it catches the attention of more potential customers. These customers already perceive the brand positively. Furthermore, some create UGC for your brand, leading to broader exposure. This heightens your social media presence.

Diverse Perspectives

When UGC creators craft content, they provide diverse insights into your brand. This diversity enhances your storytelling. Also, it enriches your brand's narrative in a way that traditional marketing can't achieve.

Cost-Effective Marketing

UGC stands out as a budget-friendly approach for brand promotion on social media platforms. With UGC, brands garner ten times more views than traditional advertising. Furthermore, brands can introduce themselves to fresh audiences. All these benefits come at a fraction of the expense associated with conventional marketing.

Better Impact on Purchase Decisions

70% of users tend to check user-generated reviews before they purchase products. So, it is essential to have a strong community that promotes your brand with UGC. This will help you make consumers choose your brand over others.

Strengthens Community

Encouraging users to produce content about your brand nurtures a sense of belonging within the community. UGC motivates consumers to play a role in brand storytelling. Therefore, it reinforces their loyalty to the brand.

How to Find UGC Content Creators: 9 Simple Ways

Are you wondering how to find UGC content creators and need help figuring out where to start? You're in luck! We've rounded up eight hassle-free ways to uncover them.

1. Using Influencer Marketing Tools

Influencer marketing tools serve as valuable resources for marketers seeking influencers. Their services extend beyond just finding influencers. The UGC content creator platform is also invaluable for discovering a content creator for UGC.

Among these tools, stands out as an exceptional tool. It enables marketers to find a UGC content creator within three minutes. Equipped with intuitive filters, it simplifies the search process. These filters empower marketers to tailor their search criteria with precision and accuracy., the best UGC content creator platform, also offers the ability to find lookalike influencers. Marketers can discover more UGC creators who resemble creators they know. Therefore, they can partner with more UGC content creators who align with their brand.

 Find UGC creators with

2. Consumers Creating Content About Your Brand

There might already be consumers who generate content about your products. So marketers can start by discovering them. It is easy to find these UGC creators. You can monitor hashtags, mentions, and comments related to your brand. To make your search hassle-free, you can also employ search tools.

3. Using Creator Marketplaces

Different social media platforms have dedicated creator marketplaces. For instance, we have Instagram Brand Collabs Manager and TikTok Creator Marketplace. These marketplaces introduce brands with UGC content creators.

4. Start UGC Campaigns

User-generated content campaigns have proven to be successful for various brands. Through these campaigns, brands can encourage consumers to generate UGC. Brands should also reward the best UGC entry to increase consumer participation.

It is essential for marketers to develop themes, prompts, and challenges that resonate with their brands.

5. Launch Brand Ambassador Programs

Brand Ambassador Programs are a proven UGC strategy for big brands like Nike and GoPro. This program encourages users to generate UGC and become brand ambassadors. In return, the creators get exclusive access and recognition.

Here’s an example of a brand ambassador program from Lululemon.

6. Create Contests and Challenges

Through contests and challenges, brands can improve consumer engagement. These challenges encourage users to create UGC. Moreover, it strengthens the relationship between brands and users. According to Search Logistics, 89% of industries use video contests for brand promotion.

7. Encourage Customer Feedback

When your consumers love your product, you can ask them to share it on their social media. They can share these video testimonials and feedback in return for some incentives. This post-purchase feedback is a good source for UGC.

8. Skim Through Freelancer Websites

UGC creators are available for hiring on freelancer websites. These websites' advantages are that marketers can filter UGC creators based on ratings. Therefore, marketers can find the most suitable UGC creators. You can try platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

9. UGC Content Creator Agency

Another method to identify UGC content creators is through a UGC content creator agency. These agencies can help you harness the power of UGC content creators to establish authentic relationships with potential customers. If you are looking for a UGC content creator agency, try UGC Shop, The UGC Agency, and 222 UGC.

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7 Tips For Successful UGC Creator Collaborations

Are you gearing up for UGC collaboration? Here are some handy tips to keep in mind.

1. Choose Creators Carefully

Selecting the right UGC creators is paramount. Look for individuals whose content style, audience, and values align with your brand. It ensures that the content feels genuine. Also, it resonates with both your target audience and the creator's followers.

2. Outline Your Objectives Clearly

Before initiating a collaboration, define what you aim to achieve. Determining whether you wish to increase brand awareness, launch a new product, or drive sales is essential. Having clear objectives helps you communicate your goals to creators. This clarity ensures that both parties can work towards a common goal.

3. Generate Creative Brief

A detailed creative brief is a roadmap for your collaboration. It should outline the campaign's objectives, key messages, and desired content format. Also, mention the brand guidelines the creator needs to follow.

It's essential to maintain harmony between providing direction and stifling creativity. The brief should serve as a guide, not a constraint.

4. Reach Out to a Few Creators

Marketers might feel contacting as many creators as possible is the right way. However, it's better to focus on a few that are most aligned with your brand. You can personalize your outreach. It shows that you value the creator's unique contribution.

This selective approach fosters a sense of exclusivity and appreciation. Also, the creators are more likely to engage with your brand.

5. Send Emails and Not DMs

Professionalism is crucial in establishing a successful partnership. Sending an email rather than a direct message (DM) demonstrates seriousness and respect for the creator's work.

It allows you to present your proposal more formally. You can include attachments like your creative brief in your email. This approach sets the tone for a professional working relationship.

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6. Allow Creative Freedom

The essence of UGC is authenticity. So, it is essential to trust the creators to tell your brand's story in their own way. This freedom leads to more genuine content that resonates with their audience.

7. Compensate the Creators Fairly

Fair compensation reflects your value on the creators' contribution to your brand. It encourages high-quality content and fosters long-term relationships. Compensation can include monetary payment, free products, or exclusive discounts.

How Much Does A UGC Content Creator Charge?

Many marketers seek clarity on how to compensate the UGC content creators they team up with. However, the payment for these creators isn't uniform. Let's analyze the factors that influence the payment rate of UGC creators.

  • Follower Size: UGC creators with more followers who are engaged might charge more for their posts.

  • Niche: Influencers in some high-demand niches might charge higher than creators in other niches. 

  • Content Quality: Since high-quality content is essential in influencing brand perception, creator's charge vary with content quality. Also, creators might charge more for video posts than static content. 

  • Platform: The earning potential of influencers depends on the social media platform they are on. 

How much do UGC creators make

6 Awesome Strategies to Maximize the Impact of UGC

UGC emerges as the most impactful way for brands to connect with their audience. With the power of UGC, brands can foster trust and drive conversions. Here are six innovative strategies to maximize the impact of UGC.

1. Activate the Shoppable Feature

Marketers can integrate UGC with shoppable features on their brand's websites or social media platforms. It can significantly enhance the shopping experience. Link user-generated photos or videos to respective products. It provides authentic visuals for consumers to make informed choices, boosting conversion rates.

2. UGC in Paid Ads

Incorporating UGC into your paid ads can dramatically increase their effectiveness. Ads featuring real customers using or reviewing products resonate with audiences. This authentic content facilitates higher engagement rates and more conversions. Highlighting positive UGC in your ads can also help build brand trust.

3. Repurpose UGC

It is essential for brands to maximize the value of UGC by repurposing it. You can feature customer reviews on websites and user photos in newsletters. Thereby, you can amplify the reach and impact of the promotional mediums.

Here’s how Farrow & Ball, a global brand for pain palettes and customized wallpapers, use UGC in their product pages:

Repurpose UGC on websites

4. Post UGC on Other Social Handles

Don't limit the sharing of UGC to just one platform. Distribute it across all your brand's social media profiles to expand its reach. Sharing UGC on different platforms caters to various audience segments and maximizes exposure.

5. Showcase UGC in Stores

Displaying UGC in physical stores can bridge the gap between online and offline experiences. You can install digital screens to showcase customer photos and reviews. Alternatively, incorporate QR codes that link to UGC content to enhance the customer experience.

6. Monitor the Performance of UGC

To maximize the impact of UGC, it's crucial to monitor its performance. Start by analyzing engagement rates, conversion rates, and the overall reach. These metrics offer valuable insights into what resonates with your audience.

This approach helps marketers to identify the most impactful types of UGC. Moreover, it helps to refine strategies and invest in campaigns that drive results.

Examples of How Brands Who Found The Right UGC Content Creator

1. Vitamix

Vitamix is a leading brand that offers a range of affordable blenders and juicers. They found the perfect UGC content creators through their 'Smoothie of the Year' campaign in 2023. The campaign had 2 teams, #TeamNourish, which shares nutrient-dense smoothies, and #TeamFlourish, which shares Instagram-worthy smoothies.

Vitamix Smoothie of the Year UGC Campaign

2. Jones Soda

Another perfect example of a successful UGC campaign is the 'REEL LABELS' campaign of Jones Soda. Users can upload their photos on Instagram or the website and have them printed on physical bottle labels. However, the UGC that gets printed on the bottle is based on the number of votes they receive from other users in the UGC Gallery.

 Jones Soda Reel Labels Campaign

3. Starbucks

A remarkable example of a UGC campaign is Starbucks' ‘#WhiteCupContest.’ This contest encouraged Starbucks customers to draw anything creative on the company's white cups, and the winners were specially recognized.

Starbucks WhiteCupContest


In the modern era, consumers are demanding authentic content from brands. That's why UGC creators are gaining so much traction. Brands are getting on board with UGC because it's a cost-effective way to drive actual results.

UGC doesn't stick to just one platform or audience - it's adaptable! You can seamlessly integrate it into your websites, newsletters, and social media accounts. And the best part? Brands are now featuring UGC in physical stores to make a real impact on customers.

Feeling overwhelmed about how to find UGC content creators for your brand? Don't sweat it. We're here to lend a hand!

Team up with, an excellent influencer marketing tool that makes the discovery of UGC creators a breeze. As the best UGC content creator platform, it has an extensive database of 250 million influencers. Therefore, this UGC content creator platform helps uncover UGC creators who align perfectly with your brand.

And here's the kicker—you can try, one of the best UGC platforms for content creators, for free!

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