Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.

Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.



Top 10 Influencers in Atlanta To Partner With [2024]

Top 10 Influencers in Atlanta To Partner With [2024]

Mar 15, 2024



Are you searching for the perfect influencer in Atlanta to collaborate with your brand? You are at the right place where you need to be. We’re gearing up to explore the top-tier Atlanta influencers. 

There’s a checklist of tasks to accomplish when identifying the best influencer from Atlanta - discovering influencer profiles, defining audience demographics, evaluating engagement rates, and more.

Luckily, this handpicked list of top influencers is about to spare you from this time-consuming endeavor. Let’s dive in!

Please note that we have compiled top influencers based on their performance on Instagram alone.

Top Influencers in Atlanta

  1. Ashley | Atlanta Content Creator 💕💚 (@growingwiththegardners) 

Other Social Media Handles: YouTube

Ashley Gardner is an Atlanta-based multifaceted influencer. Her posts focus on hair, beauty, lifestyle, and wellness. Besides her creative endeavors, she holds a significant position as a Program Manager at Google.

She shares tips, trends, and personal insights into her lifestyle through her posts. She makes sure that her content resonates with a diverse audience. Ashley shares the makeup brands that she uses with her followers.

  1. Adrian Provost (@adrian.provost)

Other Social Media Handles: Twitter and YouTube

Adrian Provost is a distinguished influencer in the realm of real estate in Atlanta. He is known for his innovative approach to the industry. He helps others achieve significant success in real estate investments and transactions. Adrian stands out for his insightful strategies and expertise in the field.

On his social media pages, he shares tips and trends related to real estate. His content often includes market analyses, property showcases, and personal success stories.

3. Edward Bolden (@edbolden)

Edward Bolden is a prominent figure in Atlanta's real estate sector. He is the founder of Bolden Capital and is the most prominent Black multifamily landlord in the city.

Through his posts, he reflects on his impressive portfolio of 700 apartments and $70 million in assets under management. Edward's approach to real estate makes him a significant influencer in Atlanta.

4. Jason Bitten (@jasonbittendotcom)

Other Social Media Handles: TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube

Jason Bitten is a talented saxophonist and musician. He brings a unique blend of soul and melody to the Atlanta music scene. Silverstein Works endorses Jason and is an affiliate of IK Multimedia. His posts are a testament to his musical prowess and role as a "Soul-Soother."

His contributions to the local music community make him a notable influencer in the USA. He promotes brands like The Jazz Burger to his fans as well.

5. Brandon Jones (@bkjones20)

Other Social Media Handles: YouTube

Brandon Jones is a renowned choreographer in Atlanta. He boasts an impressive portfolio, having worked with celebrities like Chris Brown, Ciara, and Quavo. He has also worked in popular HBO Max, Apple TV+, and Netflix shows.

His content highlights his exceptional talent. Also, it showcases his contributions to high-profile music videos and performances. Brandon also shares inspirational content related to dance.

  1. William Evans (@wte.3)

Other Social Media Handles: TikTok and YouTube

William Evans is a dynamic influencer and video creator based in Atlanta. His posts showcase his creative skills and engage a diverse audience. William is known to create content that resonates with car enthusiasts.

Through his videos, he introduces various automobile gadgets to the followers. Also, William does street interviews, asking people about their opinions about cars. He promotes brands like Kumho Tires, Green Cars, and Flexi Spot to his fans.

7. Eugene Bush III (@etreproductions)

Other Social Media Handles: TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube

Eugene Bush III is the CEO of Etre Productions. He is a dynamic figure in Atlanta's media production landscape. He focuses on producing, educating, and entertaining a broad audience. His creative vision has positioned Etre Productions as a critical player in the media industry. Eugene is also the podcast host for 'The Perfect Podcast.'

8. ✨Niya Marie✨ (@niyamarie_)

Other Social Media Handles: TikTok and YouTube

Niya Marie is a top influencer and a beacon of style and creativity in Atlanta's fashion scene. Niya's flair for combining aesthetics with personal style makes her stand out. She also empowers her audience to embrace their uniqueness through fashion.

Niya's followers can shop her looks as she shares links to her outfits and jewelry. Her stylish and trend-setting posts make her a go-to source for fashion inspiration.

9. Justin Ziegler (@jzsells)

Other Social Media Handles: TikTok and Twitter

Justin Ziegler is a real estate influencer who brings the world of Atlanta real estate to life. His expertise in the field and his passion for real estate are evident in his posts. He offers valuable insights to make buying and selling homes more approachable.

Justin’s dedication to his profession is evident in his detailed market analyses. His posts showcase his professional accomplishments and guide potential homeowners and investors.

10. Steak Shapiro (@steakshapiro) 

Other Social Media Handles: Twitter and YouTube

Steak Shapiro is the founder and host of Bread N Butter Content Studio and Atlanta Eats. His work as a talk host on 92.9 The Game and as a judge on two Food Network series showcases his diverse talents.

His posts reflect his love for food, his role as a father of three, and his passion for the culinary world. His expertise makes him a KOL in Atlanta’s culinary scene, inspiring food lovers and chefs.

6 Characteristics of an Ideal Influencer for Brands

It takes an expert influencer, not just any, to promote your brand and attain your campaign objectives effectively. In this scenario, focusing on the influencer’s engagement rates and audience demographics is essential.

But what are the qualities of an influencer to consider apart from these metrics? Let’s uncover the six characteristics an influencer should have to be a perfect partner for your brand’s promotion. 

  1. Authenticity

Authentic influencers maintain a genuine persona aligning with their beliefs and lifestyle. This authenticity helps them form a deeper connection with their audience. So, the followers tend to trust and engage more with genuine and honest content.

  1. Expert Content Creation

Influencers should create engaging and high-quality content. It includes having a good understanding of various formats and platforms. The influencers should tell compelling stories and produce visually appealing content.

  1. Community Management

Effective influencers engage with their followers regularly, responding to comments and messages. By creating interactive content, they foster a sense of community. This active engagement helps build a loyal and involved audience.

  1. Trust

Trust is essential for influencers to maintain credibility. They should be transparent about sponsorships and consistent in their content. Trustworthy influencers are seen as more reliable and influential by their audience.

  1. Passion

Influencers passionate about their niche create relatable content. Their enthusiasm for the subject matter is often contagious, making their content more appealing and authentic.

  1. Communication Skills:

Influencers can articulate their thoughts clearly and engage effectively with their audience with solid communication skills. Good communication is also essential to maintain productive relationships with brand partners. 

Still unsure about finding the perfect influencer for your brand? We have got you covered with our extensive guide to finding influencers.

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