Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.

Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.


Influencers in New Jersey Shaping Trends in 2024

Influencers in New Jersey Shaping Trends in 2024

Apr 9, 2024



Top Influencers in New Jersey
Top Influencers in New Jersey
Top Influencers in New Jersey

Interested in Partnering up with the hottest New Jersey influencers? So, secure your spot now as we are about to find the finest NJ influencers here.

Reports state that New Jersey ranks fourth among the U.S. states in terms of influencer counts. In essence, New Jersey represents a significant 6% slice of pie when it comes to American influencers.  

Even within this vast ocean of influencers, identifying the right influencer for a brand can be time-consuming and exhaustive. Simplifying the exhaustive search is our specialty - we’re here to make it effortless for you.

Here are the top 10 New Jersey influencers who are ideal for brand collaborations.

Kindly note that the influencer rankings in this section are solely derived from their Instagram accounts.

Meet The Top 10 New Jersey Influencers in 2024

1. Shakur Stevenson (@shakurstevenson)

Other Social Media Handles: Twitter and YouTube

Shakur Stevenson is a popular American professional boxer and a top American influencer. He represented the USA in the 2016 Olympics and won the silver medal. He is also the former world champion in two weight classes.

Boxing fans love him for his exceptional career throughout the years. He attracts a lot of followers on his social media, making him one of the top New Jersey influencers.

2. Yusisleidy-foodies/travel (@foodieadventuresnj)

Yusisleidy Torres is one of the top food influencers in New Jersey. She travels around New Jersey and shares her adventures through her posts. She is also an influential user-generated content creator, especially for food places.

Some restaurants she promotes on social media are BUA Thai Ramen & Robata Grill, Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse, and Around The Clock Diner. Her appealing posts introduce these food places to food lovers so that they can try the food.

3. Eli Rallo (@eli.rallo)

Other Social Media Handles: YouTube

Eli Ralio is a rising writer and one of the top influencers in New Jersey. Her recent book, 'I Didn't Know I Needed This,' aims to empower girls to live their lives on their own terms. Eli is a true romantic at heart and shares her tried and true dating tricks through her book. 

Eli also hosts the podcast 'Miss Congeniality'. Her social media posts reflect her daily life in and around New Jersey.

4. D A N I E L L E C O O P E R 🌸🍑 (@danicooppss)

Other Social Media Handles: Twitter and TikTok

Daniel Cooper is one of the leading fitness influencers in the USA. Through her posts, she shares her fitness journey, inspiring her fans. Apart from that, she shares her fashion choices and lifestyle, making her one of the top influencers in New Jersey. 

Daniel posts pictures of the gym where she works out. Some brands that Daniel shares include Nitto Tire and Muscle Nation Apparel.

5. Ayzia James-Ferro | NJ Influencer & UGC Creator (@ayzia_)

Other Social Media Handles: TikTok and Facebook

Next on the list of New Jersey influencers is Ayzia James Ferro. She is not just an influencer but also a business owner. Through her posts, she shares glimpses of her daily life and fashion interests. Being a UGC creator, Ayzia promotes brands like 89th + Madison, The Windsor Suites, and S T A U D.

6. Sandy | NJ Lifestyle Blogger (@sandy_azcona)

Other Social Media Handles: TikTok and YouTube

Sandy is a popular Latina Content Creator and one of the top New Jersey fashion bloggers. Her Instagram is a go-to destination for fashion inspiration for her followers. Moreover, Sandy shares haircare tutorials and tips through her posts. Some brands that promote their products with Sandy are Dove, Aerie, Kosas, Rent the Runway, and TRESemmé. 

7. Megan Elise (@pinebarrenbeauty)

Megan Elise is the top New Jersey influencer behind Pine Barren Beauty. She also owns a life and style blog under the same name. Megan is also one of the leading New Jersey mom influencers.

She shares day-to-day inspiration with followers through motherhood, married life, and low-toxic living. Through her blog, Elise inspires other new jersey mom bloggers. On her Instagram, she shares outfit ideas and beauty tips with her followers.

8. rosario (@alejandrosario)

Other Social Media Handles: TikTok and YouTube

Alejandro Rosario is one of the top New Jersey lifestyle influencers. This 21 year old content creator rose to fame through his TikTok videos, which garnered millions of views. Today, he is popular on Instagram and YouTube as well. 

Through his Instagram, he shares his daily life and adventures. His YouTube videos are a mix of mukbang, daily vlogs, and challenges.

9. Dr. I (Teacher, Face Maker) (@myteacherface)

Other Social Media Handles: TikTok

Dr. Jessica Hawk is an English teacher and one of the top TikTok influencers in New Jersey. She has been a teacher for 31 years and currently teaches advanced placement English. She boasts over 650K followers on TikTok and millions of video views. Her posts feature small talks with her students, sharing funny moments in her classroom.

10.War and Peas (@war.and.peas)

Other Social Media Handles: Twitter and Facebook

War and Peas is a page where people enjoy reading webcomics. Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz are the duo behind this page, and they release a new comic every Sunday. After meeting each other at an art school, Elizabeth and Jonathan started creating comics as a team.

They have published paperback versions of their comics, which they promote on Instagram. Their Instagram posts combine new comic strips and book promotions.

How To Find Influencers in New Jersey?

Discovering the right New Jersey influencers can be a little time-consuming for brands. However, finding authentic influencers can be challenging due to the prevalence of fake influencers. Here's how to find genuine New Jersey influencers:

Google Search

A Google search can be a powerful tool for finding New Jersey influencers. By using specific keywords, marketers can uncover blogs and social media profiles featuring NJ influencers.

Try these Google searches to find the perfect influencers.

  • [Top influencers in New Jersey]

  • [Best influencers in NJ]

  • [Micro influencers in New Jersey]

  • [Social media influencers in NJ]

You can also search for Influencer marketing agencies in NJ. These agencies have a huge database of influencers where you can find the most ideal influencers for your campaign. 

Hashtag Search

Hashtag searches on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok can help marketers discover social media influencers in NJ. Finding influencers who are already using your brand's hashtag can lead to more authentic and effective collaborations.

Try these hashtags for your influencer search.

  • #NJInfluencer

  • #NewJerseyBlogger

  • #NJFashion

  • #JerseyLife

New Jersey Influencers Partnering With Other Brands

Analyzing influencers who have previously partnered with other New Jersey brands can provide insights into their reach, engagement, and compatibility with your brand. Partnering with influencers with a successful track record with similar brands can significantly enhance your influencer marketing strategy.

Influencer Search Tools

Finding the right influencers in New Jersey can be a breeze with the help of influencer search tools like is specifically designed to help marketers locate influencers based on various criteria.

Here's how simplifies the process for your brand:

  • Location-Based Searches: comes with filters that allow brands to specify the location of the influencers. By simply setting the filter to New Jersey, brands can instantly narrow down their influencer search.

  • User-Friendly Design: is created with user-friendliness in mind. It ensures that brands can effortlessly tweak the filters to find suitable influencers in just a few clicks.

  • Quick Results: The efficiency of is unmatched. With advanced algorithms and a streamlined interface, brands can expect to find a list of potential NJ influencers in as little as 3 minutes. 

  • Extensive Databases: boasts a vast database of 250 million global influencers, covering a wide range of niches. This diversity allows brands to find influencers aligning with their brand's values.

Jump on board with for free!!!

By leveraging these methods, brands can partner with ideal New Jersey influencers. You can discover more influencers with in these blogs.

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