Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.

Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.


Sponsored Post on Instagram: Everything You Need to Know

Sponsored Post on Instagram: Everything You Need to Know

Mar 21, 2024



We have been consuming sponsored content for as long as the digital appliance was in use. But what was viewed during commercial breaks in between TV shows and Games, can now be seen any time we scroll down on any social media platform. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, you name it, the platform will have it.

In fact, sponsored content is a part of Instagram influencer marketing

So, how do you identify such sponsored posts? Or, how can you post such sponsored content?

Well, that's why we are here. We will discuss the ins and outs of sponsored content, specifically on Instagram.

Once you have completed this blog, you will be able to find and create sponsored content on Instagram. Not only will you understand how much it costs you for posts, but you also will know why and how to disclose sponsored content.

So, let's get started with this. 

What Is a Sponsored Post on Instagram?

A sponsored post on Instagram is a paid advertisement that looks like a regular post but is targeted to reach a wider or more specific audience.  

There are two main types of sponsored content on Instagram. 

  • Promoted Ads & Posts: 

Promoted posts are often called boosted posts and Instagram advertising. Here, brands pay Instagram to run their ads. Brands can make sure the ads reach their target audience by mentioning the age, gender, and interests of the required audiences using the tool.  

  • Paid Sponsorships: 

In paid sponsorships, brands pay a user (or influencer) to promote them. The main criteria for choosing influencers are their niche and engaged follower base. With influencers, you expose your brands to potential consumers who have no idea about it.

What do Sponsored Posts on Instagram Look Like?

A typical example of promoted ads & posts on Instagram is given below. Wix used one of their Instagram posts and paid Instagram to boost them and get to their target audience.

Take a look at this sponsored post on Instagram. It starts with an engaging call-to-action, highlighting a limited-time offer from @PlantTherapy for last-minute gifts. The post announces an attractive deal. 

'Enjoy 15% off everything plus a free Candy Cane Essential Oil Blend on orders over $40 – but hurry, the sale ends today!'

Next, the user personally recommends their favorite Plant Therapy products, like candles, essential oils, and body creams. This adds a genuine touch and gives followers gift ideas. The post invites the users to buy products from Plant Therapy and wrap-ups with a shopping link. 

But if you look closer, you can see the "#ad". By adding this, the influencer ensures transparency about the sponsored nature of the post. Therefore, the influencer ensures that the content is complying with Instagram's advertising rules.

Benefits of Sponsored Content on Instagram

Now, for those who are still on the fence regarding investing in sponsored content, here are some key points to help you decide.

  • These posts significantly expand your audience beyond your current followers. This allows your message to reach a much larger and more diverse group of Instagram users.

  • Sponsored posts will reach the target audience, making your marketing efforts more efficient.

  • It will boost your brand's profile by placing it in front of potential customers who may not have discovered you otherwise.

  • Sponsored content like the one we discussed can lead to an immediate increase in your sales (or conversions).

  • The impact of the sponsored content can be tracked, analyzed, and measured. Therefore, you'd get a clear idea of the ROI.

Now that we have understood what sponsored content is and its benefits, let's see how you can spot sponsored content.

How to Find a Sponsored Post on Instagram?

In general, finding sponsored content on Instagram is easy. This is because Instagram has put in place proper Instagram sponsored post guidelines and rules. It dictates that the accounts disclose paid promotions. 

Go through the given example and then the five elements so that you can find one quickly.

1. Look for the "Sponsored" Tag

Sponsored posts on Instagram are typically marked with a "Sponsored" label. This tag is usually found near the account name at the top of the post. You can simply search for #ads or #sponsored to find such posts. 

2. Paid Partnership Disclosure

Instagram has been working on improving transparency in advertising. A visible tag stating "Paid Partnership With [Sponsor Name]" is often included in sponsored posts. This tag is part of Instagram's efforts to legitimize and regulate sponsored content more effectively. 

3. Content Style

Sponsored posts often resemble regular posts but may include promotional content, special offers, or product placements. They are designed to blend in with organic content while promoting a brand or product. 

4. Engagement Patterns

Sponsored posts might have higher engagement rates, such as likes, comments, and shares, especially if they are targeted effectively to the right audience. 

5. Influencer Endorsements

Many sponsored posts are shared by influencers or popular accounts. These posts may include personal endorsements or recommendations of products or services. 

By understanding these characteristics, you can more easily identify sponsored posts on Instagram.

How to Get a Sponsored Post on Instagram?

Getting sponsored posts is different for brands and influencers, and we will discuss what to do for both. Let’s begin with brands. 

For Brands Looking to Get Sponsored Posts 

Reach Out to Influencers

  • Why It's Important: Directly contacting influencers can lead to more personalized and effective collaborations. 

  • How to Do It: Identify influencers whose followers align with your target market. Send personalized outreach messages. 

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Set Up Branded Sponsorships: 

  • Why It's Important: Proper setup ensures that the partnership is clear and transparent to the audience. 

  • How to Do It: Use Instagram's business tools to formalize partnerships. This includes tagging the influencer as a business partner in posts. 

Monitor and Approve Content: 

  • Why It's Important: Oversight ensures that the content aligns with your brand's message and goals. 

  • How to Do It: Regularly review the content before it goes live. Provide feedback and guidelines to influencers. 

After finding the right influencer for your campaign, set up branded sponsorship on Instagram. You will have to mark the influencer as an approved business partner. 

It will authorize all tags manually and let you accept the sponsored tag before it goes live. Therefore, it empowers you to monitor Instagram sponsored posts.

When the influencer tags you, you get an Instagram notification. This makes approving the tag easy. From there, the sponsored Instagram post will show up in your Insights for you to monitor when necessary.

Here's how you can do it in three simple steps: 

On your Instagram app, launch Settings.

Tap Business and then tap Brand content.

Click on Approved Business Partners and proceed to add the influencer's account. 

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For Influencers Looking to Get Sponsored Posts 

Are you an influencer looking to create effective sponsored Instagram posts? It involves a strategic approach to ensure your content resonates with your target audience.

Choose Your Niche: 

  • Why It's Important: Focusing on a specific area like food, fitness, or beauty helps create content that resonates with a particular audience. This specialization makes your profile more attractive to brands in that niche. 

  • How to Do It: Identify your passions and strengths. Look at trends and demands within various niches. Consider what you can offer that is unique and engaging. 

Define Your Personal Brand: 

  • Why It's Important: A strong personal brand sets you apart from others. It's about creating a recognizable and consistent image with which followers and brands can identify. 

  • How to Do It: Choose a consistent color scheme, tone of voice, and content type. Your posts should reflect your unique perspective and style. 

Understand Your Audience: 

  • Why It's Important: Knowing who follows you – their interests, demographics, and behaviors – is crucial for creating relevant content and pitching to brands. 

  • How to Do It: Use Instagram Insights to analyze your audience. Pay attention to their comments and interactions to understand their preferences. 

Here’s something to help you understand more about audience demographics on Instagram

Post Consistently: 

  • Why It's Important: Regular posting keeps your audience engaged and helps maintain visibility on your followers' feeds. 

  • How to Do It: Develop a content calendar. Plan your posts to ensure a mix of content types and regular updates. 

Use Relevant Hashtags: 

  • Why It's Important: Hashtags increase the visibility of your posts beyond your immediate followers, making your content discoverable to a wider audience. 

  • How to Do It: Research and use hashtags that are popular within your niche but not so broad that your posts get lost. 

Learn how you can make the most out of hashtags

Choose Eye-Catching Visuals:

  • Why Is It Important: Visually appealing content is crucial to capture the audience's attention. It brings a lasting impression. Eye-catching visuals can enhance your brand image and increase engagement rates.

  • How to Do It: Influencers should focus on using high-resolution images or videos. Experiment with carousel posts and reels to add variety. Editing tools and filters should also enhance the visual appeal.

Craft Compelling Captions

  • Why Is It Important: Captions provide context to your visuals and allow you to communicate your message. A well-crafted caption can evoke emotions and encourage interactions. It drives your audience to take action, such as clicking a link or making a purchase.

  • How to Do It: Start by grabbing your audience's attention with a strong opening line. Include a call to action (CTA) that prompts them to engage with your post.

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Start Small and Tag Brands: 

  • Why It's Important: Tagging smaller brands can get you noticed and can be a stepping stone to larger collaborations. 

  • How to Do It: Feature products from smaller brands you love and tag them. Show how their products fit into your lifestyle or content theme. 

Optimize Your Instagram Bio: 

  • Why It's Important: Your bio is your first impression. It should clearly communicate who you are and what you do and make it easy for brands to contact you. 

  • How to Do It: Include a succinct description, a link to your portfolio or website, and contact information. 

Check out the bio of this tech reviewer from Brazil. From his bio, it is easy for brands to know about his reach and niche interests. He has also provided a link to his Linktree.

Proactively Seek Sponsorships: 

  • Why It's Important: Waiting for brands to come to you can be limiting. Proactively reaching out can lead to more opportunities. 

  • How to Do It: Research brands that align with your niche and values. Craft personalized pitches highlighting how a partnership could benefit them. 

Set Your Pricing Structure: 

  • Why It's Important: Knowing your worth and having a clear pricing structure makes negotiations smoother and more professional. 

  • How to Do It: Base your rates on your follower count, engagement rate, and the complexity of the content you create. 

Discover the average engagement rate on Instagram and use it to set your pricing. 

Create High-Quality Sponsored Content: 

  • Why It's Important: Quality content reflects well on you and the brand, and it resonates more with your audience. 

  • How to Do It: Ensure that sponsored content is creative, authentic, and aligns with your usual content style. 

General Tips: 

  • Transparency: Always disclose sponsored content. For influencers, use tags like #ad or #sponsored. For brands, ensure influencers adhere to these practices. 

  • Engagement Over Followers: Focus on engagement rates rather than just follower counts. Engaged followers are more likely to trust and act on sponsored content. 

  • Build Relationships: Whether you're an influencer or a brand, building long-term relationships can lead to more successful and authentic collaborations. 

By following these expanded strategies and tips, influencers and brands can effectively navigate the world of sponsored content on Instagram, creating beneficial and engaging partnerships for all parties involved.

Why and How to Disclose Paid Partnerships on Instagram?

Why to Disclose Paid Partnerships on Instagram

 Disclosing paid partnerships is one of the best practices for sponsored content on Instagram. It is essential to disclose sponsored posts for these reasons.

  • Legal Compliance: 

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires influencers to disclose any material connection with a brand. This includes if you receive any payment, free products, or other incentives in exchange for a post. 

Failing to disclose can lead to legal repercussions for both the influencer and the brand. 

  • Maintaining Trust with Your Audience: 

Transparency is key in maintaining the trust of your followers. When audiences are aware of a paid partnership, they can better understand the context of the content. This honesty helps build and maintain a loyal following. 

  • Upholding Instagram’s Community Guidelines: 

Instagram requires users to adhere to its community guidelines, which include transparently disclosing any brand partnerships or sponsored content. 

How to Disclose Paid Partnerships on Instagram

  • Use Instagram’s Branded Content Tool: 

Instagram provides a branded content tool that allows you to tag the business partner in your post. This tag clearly shows the partnership by displaying “Paid partnership with [brand name]” above your post. 

  • Include Clear Disclosures in Captions: 

Even if you use the branded content tool, it’s good practice to include a clear disclosure in your post caption. Use straightforward language like “sponsored,” “ad,” or “paid partnership” at the beginning of the caption. 

  • Be Transparent in Stories and Videos: 

For Instagram Stories or video content, verbally mention the partnership or use on-screen text to disclose the sponsorship. 

  • Avoid Ambiguous Language: 

Phrases like “thanks to [brand]” or “in collaboration with [brand]” can be too vague. Stick to clear, unambiguous terms that indicate a paid relationship. 

  • Consistency in Disclosure: 

Ensure that every piece of sponsored content, regardless of its format, includes a disclosure. Consistency is key to maintaining transparency and trust. 

  • Educate Yourself on the Latest Guidelines: 

Stay updated with FTC and Instagram guidelines as they evolve. Regularly check for any updates or changes in the rules regarding sponsored content. 

By following these guidelines, influencers and brands can ensure that they are compliant with legal requirements and maintain the trust of their audience. Transparency in sponsored content fulfills ethical obligations and enhances credibility.

How Much Does a Sponsored Post on Instagram Cost?

The cost of Instagram ads in 2024 can vary significantly based on several factors. This includes the bidding model you choose, such as cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM). 

On average, companies may pay anywhere from $0.50 to $1 per link click. However, it's important to note that many elements can affect the cost of your Instagram ads. 

Also, if many businesses target the same audience, this can lead to a bidding war, potentially increasing your CPC. 

Here’s an estimated comparison of how influencers charge for sponsored Instagram posts.

So, How Can You Reduce Instagram Ad Costs? 

  • For beginners, automatic bidding can help find an appropriate bid for your campaign. 

  • Use Instagram's targeting options effectively to reach your desired audience, potentially lowering costs due to higher relevance. 

  • Define clear goals for your ads to create more effective campaigns. 

  • Direct leads to relevant landing pages to increase the likelihood of conversion. 

  • Test different versions of your ads to determine which performs best and optimize accordingly. 

Types of Instagram Ads

  • Image Ads: Simple yet effective, ideal for showcasing products or services. 

  • Video Ads: Offer more engagement potential but require more effort in creation.

  • Carousel Ads: Useful for storytelling or showcasing multiple products. 

  • Collection Ads: Ideal for e-commerce stores, offering an immersive experience. 

  • Shopping Ads: Directly link to product pages for easy purchasing. 

Launching Instagram Ads: 

You can launch ads via the Instagram app, Facebook's Ad Manager, or through Instagram Partners for more support. While the cost of Instagram ads can vary, understanding these factors and employing strategic planning can help in effectively managing your ad spend.


Sponsored content on Instagram, as you have understood, is an easier way to reach your target audience. By understanding what they are, how to find them, and their associated costs, you are presented with new opportunities for growth.

In essence, influencer marketing is absent with paid partnerships with influencers. Therefore, sponsored content is, like the man said, inevitable!

If you are a brand, then it'd be best to invest in a robust influencer marketing tool like It makes it easy for you to find, vet, and manage influencers. It makes it easy for you to find, vet, and manage influencers. It also helps you track and measure the ROI of your campaigns - all in one place.

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