Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.

Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.


How to Hire Micro-Influencers?

How to Hire Micro-Influencers?

Jun 25, 2024



How to hire the right micro-influencer for your campaign
How to hire the right micro-influencer for your campaign
How to hire the right micro-influencer for your campaign

Micro-influencers have proven themselves to be valuable assets with 82% of the customers stating that they trust them over celebrity endorsements. As a result, the demand for micro-influencers has skyrocketed. 

However, with a lot of micro-influencers available, finding and hiring them can be a daunting task. 

In this blog, we will discuss how you can reach out and hire micro-influencers. If you want to know how to find them, then consider reading the following. 

Now, considering that you have shortlisted the micro-influencers to hire, let’s discuss this in detail. 

How to Outreach to Micro-Influencers? 

Once you have shortlisted the micro-influencers you want to hire, begin the outreach campaign. This is one of the most crucial aspects of the hiring process. It's possible that these influencers are getting tons of such outreach messages every day. Therefore, it's your job to stand out from the rest.

The following are some key things to keep in mind while outreaching.

 Key factors to keep in mind while outreaching a micro-influencer

#1. Personalize Your Approach

DMs are the most used channel by influencers to be connected, but there are incidents where they prefer emails. So, go through their profile (and personal websites if they have any) and see what's the preferred medium for contact.

While crafting the message, address them by name and reference specific content they've created that you admire. Flattery is fine, but don't go in full swing, that might not work. Instead, mention clearly why you think they are a great fit for your brand.

This could be anything from the same niche or shared target customers.

Take a look at some of our outreach email templates

#2. Craft Compelling Message

Personalizing your message is the first thing, but there are other elements to focus on as well. When you are writing the outreach message try to include the following -

  1. Intro - Briefly introduce yourself and your brand.

  2. UVP - Clearly explain what you are offering and why it benefits them.

  3. Proposal - Specify the type of collaboration you are looking for (Eg: sponsored posts, product reviews, etc.).

  4. CTA - Encourage them to respond or schedule a call to discuss further.

#3. Highlight Mutual Benefits

While describing the collaboration proposal, be sure to explain clearly the mutual benefits. You can explain the audience fit, like how their audience matches yours, or mention the possibility of a long-term partnership.

Discussing competitive compensation can also be a driving factor for influencer collaboration.

#4. Provide Clear Expectations

Clearly outline what you expect from the collaboration. For example, you might need 12 sponsored posts that focus on introducing your product to the audience over the next 3-month period.

If you want to get certain things done in specific ways, be sure to provide clear guidelines. However, make sure that these guidelines don't limit the creative freedom. Because it's this creative part that engages the audience.

#5. Follow Up

As we discussed earlier, influencers will be getting tons of messages every day. So, it's likely that they might miss your initial outreach. Therefore, give some time (say a week or two) and send a polite follow-up message.

Here's an example of how an outreach mail or message should look like.

How to Negotiate Terms with Micro-Influencers?

You have successfully reached your micro-influener’s inbox and they replied. Although they are happy to collaborate, they would like to discuss and negotiate (payment or other related) matters. 

If and when this happens, follow this step-by-step guide. 

6 simple steps to negotiate payment with micro-influencers

Step 1 - Prepare for Discussion

Start by reviewing their profile. You should familiarize yourself with their content, engagement rate, and past collaborations. The more you know, the more informed you will be to find a neutral ground to work on.

Define your budget and understand clearly how much you can offer them.

Step 2 - Schedule a Meeting

Negotiations, while can be done through emails or messages, are best to be discussed in meetings. So, connect with them to find a (mutually) convenient time and set up a call or a video conference.

Outline the key points you want to cover during the discussion, to avoid gaps in communication. This can be anything from deliverables and payments to timelines.

Step 3 - Conduct Negotiation

After formal greetings, start the conversation by reiterating your enthusiasm for the collaboration. Let them know why you chose them and mention any other points you have already agreed on.

Once that's done, be ready to listen. Allow the influencer to express the reason behind their approach. They will discuss how they create content, the resources they need, and so on to justify their expectations or concerns regarding payment or other terms.

Absorb all the information, understand it, and try to find a common ground for collaboration.

You can explain your budget, explaining any constraints you might have. Or maybe, you can provide them with the necessary resources, which can lower payment.

The goal is very simple here. Find a middle ground where both parties feel valued and satisfied.

Step 4 - Discuss All Payment Options

Monetary is not the only way to pay the micro-influencers. There are other ways as well.

For example, you can offer free products as part of the compensation package. Or maybe a commission structure through affiliate links. Or a mix of all.

Be clear and finalize the kind of payment and when it will be made.

Suggested Read: Micro-Influencer Pricing: Find One Within Your Budget 

Step 5 - Finalize Deliverables and Expectations

Do a roundabout and finalize all the deliverables and your expectations. This includes -

  • The types of content you need.

  • The number of posts or pieces of content required.

  • Clear deadlines for content creation and posting.

  • Brand guidelines (if any).

Step 6 - Draft a Contract

Once the terms are agreed upon, draft a contract that includes all the discussed details. Don't go straight to the influencers with the contract. Make your legal team review it to see if it's all good. Only afterward, share it with the influencers.

As the final nail in the coffin, make sure both parties sign the contract.

Here are some influencer contract templates you can use.

Just keep in mind that this is only the beginning of the influencer partnership. Make sure to keep in touch throughout the campaign to address any concerns or doubts. Also, be ready to provide constructive feedback and be open to receiving feedback from the influencers as well. for Micro-influencer Management

For those who are keen on working long-term with micro-influencers, can be a very helpful tool. It’s one of the best micro-influencer platforms helping you find, vet, and manage micro-influencers. You can track campaign progress, posts, engagement rates, and more all within itself. 

So, take advantage of the tool’s 14-day trial period to explore its intuitive interface and efficiency. You can also connect with their team for a personalized demo.

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