Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.

Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.


Top Pet Influencers of 2024 For Brands To Collaborate With

Top Pet Influencers of 2024 For Brands To Collaborate With

Apr 5, 2024



Are you seeking the top pet influencer on social media? A pet influencer or petfluencer is a social media account run by pet parents to share their furry friend’s adventures. 

These profiles not only share joy with their followers but also provide valuable pet care tips. Additionally, there are animal rescuers who inspire individuals to adopt and donate to support the welfare of rescued animals.

Pet influencers also engage in brand partnerships with brands that prioritize pet health and care. Interested in discovering the top pet influencers on social media this year?

Dive into this exclusive roundup featuring distinguished pet influencers known for impressive engagement rates and the finest brand collaborations.

Friendly reminder: The pet influencer account performance that we present in this blog is from their Instagram alone.

Meet The Top Pet Influencers or Petfluencers in 2024

1. Calippo & Dorito (@thewibbles)

Other Social Media Handles: Twitter

Calippo and Dorito, affectionately known as The Wibbles, are a delightful pair of cats. Their posts provide an insight into the lives of "Squish & Pusslé." Their content focuses on their adorable antics and quirky personalities. The posts bring joy to their followers, making them one of the top dog influencers.

2. Normie and Bambi Jenner (@normieandbambijenner)

Normie and Bambi Jenner are the adorable Italian Greyhounds. They are owned by Kylie Jenner, a renowned American personality and one of the highest-paid influencers. These pets gain fame through their association with the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Their posts focus on their day-to-day life and endearing moments with Kylie Jenner. Normie and Bambi Jenner appear in fashionable pet clothing or accessories. Their posts capture the essence of being top pet influencers with engaging content.

3. Miss Asia (@missasiaxoxo)

Other Social Media Handles: Twitter

Miss Asia is a French Bulldog and the beloved pet of Lady Gaga, an American singer. She's been gaining a significant following on social media. On her posts, she appears in fashionable outfits and poses, reflecting her owner's unique sense of style. Her content focuses on daily adventures and lifestyle, making her one of the top pet influencers.

4. Wacha Cohen (@therealwacha)

Wacha Cohen is a rescued mixed-breed dog. He was adopted by Andy Cohen, an American radio and TV talk show host. The puppy was in a kill shelter in West Virginia and found a loving home with Andy. His story inspires many to support animal rescue and adoption.

Recently, Andy Cohen had to make the big decision of rehoming Watcha and finding a forever home for him. Being an inspiration to many, Wacha Cohen is undoubtedly one of the top pet influencers.

5. Shortcake (@theladyshortcake)

Other Social Media Handles: TikTok and Facebook

Shortcake is a rescued nine-year-old English Bulldog. She has a few different names, like Queen of Belly Rubs, Breaker of Gas, Mother of Naps, and Eater of Poo. She lives in Southern California after being rescued by Fresno Bully Rescue. 

Shortcake's content centers around her adorable antics and napping adventures. Her engaging content makes her one of the top pet influencers in the rescue pet community.

6. JUNIPER & FRIENDS (@juniperfoxx)

Other Social Media Handles: TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube

Juniper is the happiest fox. He and his friends live in a licensed wildlife sanctuary for animals who can no longer live in the wild. The posts portray the daily lives of the animals, Juniper, JamJar, Howie, and others. 

They share heartwarming posts about their resident animals, including Juniper the fox. They are not only top pet influencers but also popular fox influencers.

7. Hazel The Fox (@hazel_the_fox)

Other Social Media Handles: TikTok and Facebook

Next on the list of top pet influencers is Hazel. Hazel the Fox is part of an animal rescue service that started with Hazel the Fox. Hazel lives a total of 17 foxes, including Spotty, Yuna, and Rava. 

The service provides a safe and loving home for rescued foxes, sharing their life and stories. Their content portrays the life of individual foxes and helps them connect with potential sponsors.

8. Nacho Flay (@nachoflay)

Other Social Media Handles: Twitter

Nacho Flay is an Orange Maine Coon with luxurious fur and playful antics. He is the feline companion of Bobby Flay, an American celebrity chef and a famous KOL in the food industry. Nacho isn't simply a pet but also an entrepreneur.

He is the founder of @madebynacho, which offers gourmet cat food. His content showcases his daily life and interactions with his sister, Stella.

9. Michael Robison (@spidermonkeywinston)

Other Social Media Handles: TikTok

Michael Robison is the caretaker of a fantastic crew of misfits, rehomes, and rescues. He also takes care of the famous Spider Monkey Winston. The content focuses on the daily adventures of this diverse group of animals, making him a popular pet influencer. 

The posts showcase their unique personalities and the grateful life they lead together.

10. Ted 🦄 (@teddytheshetland)

Other Social Media Handles: YouTube

Teddy the Shetland is an international heartbreaker and model. He is known for his charming looks and playful personality. Since his establishment in 2015 in the UK, Teddy has captured the hearts of many with his fluffy mane and endearing antics. 

His posts showcase his adventures and daily life, making him a top pet influencer. He promotes brands like Dodson & Horrell and Sorbeo Horse Bedding.

How to Find Pet Influencers?

Brands in the pet industry, including pet food, accessories, grooming products, and pet healthcare, benefit from partnering with petfluencers. Pet influencers help them reach a wider audience and enhance their marketing efforts. 

If you're one of those brands looking to partner with pet influencers, there are a few easy ways to find the right fit for your brand:

  • Hashtags: 

To find popular petfluencers on social media, marketers can utilize niche-specific hashtags, especially on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Start by identifying which platform aligns best with your brand's marketing strategy. Then, search for hashtags related to your niche. 

Here are some hashtags frequently used by petfluencers: #PetInfluencer, #DogsofInstagram, #CatsofInstagram, or more specific ones like #FrenchBulldogLovers. 

  • Trends: 

Keep an eye on viral trends and challenges within the pet community. If there's a specific hashtag associated with a trend, browse through the content posted under it. 

This will open doors to pet influencers who are actively participating in trends and have good engagement rates with their followers.

  • Pet-Focused Directories: 

These are online platforms or websites that list pet influencers along with their profiles and statistics. So, with pet-focused directories, brands can easily filter and identify influencers based on various criteria. 

For instance, brands can find the perfect influencer based on follower count, engagement rate, and audience demographics. It is also possible for marketers to access contact information from these directories.

  • Influencer Marketing Tools: 

Using a specialized influencer search tool like can significantly streamline the process of finding top pet influencers. has a vast database of 250 million influencers and provides insights into their performance metrics.

By using, brands can reduce the time spent on influencer prospecting by up to 90%. Therefore, they can find suitable influencers in just a matter of three minutes. 

Additionally, these tools can help brands discover lookalike influencers who have partnered with competitors, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and manage their campaigns more effectively.

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