Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.

Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.


How to Check Influencer Demographics?

How to Check Influencer Demographics?

Apr 12, 2024



Influencer Demographics Checker
Influencer Demographics Checker
Influencer Demographics Checker

Marketers understand that the value of influencers lies beyond surface-level metrics like follower counts. Some key metrics with a significant impact on influencer marketing are engagement rates and audience demographics. 

To excel in influencer marketing, brands must outperform competitors in their approach to reaching their target audiences. That's why marketers are prioritizing the influencer's audience demographics. 

Knowing influencer demographics offers a glimpse into the audience's characteristics and preferences. Ultimately, this data empowers brands to uncover and collaborate with influencers whose audiences resonate with their target audience market. 

What is Influencer Demographics?

Influencer demographics refer to the statistical characteristics of their audience, such as their age, gender, location, and interests. Understanding these demographics is crucial for brands and marketers to discover influencers who align with their target audience. 

It helps them create more effective influencer marketing campaigns. By analyzing influencer demographics, brands can ensure that their message reaches the right audience. This approach increases the conversion of the campaign by 30%.

Influencer Demographics Metrics in Influencer Marketing

There are a range of influencer marketing tools, each presenting distinct influencer demographics metrics. But which are the crucial demographics that help in finding the ideal influencers for a campaign? provides the perfect demographics that enable brands to draw out exceptional influencers.

Followers Types

The audience analysis on starts with follower types. It gives the percentage details of these metrics.

  1. Real Followers: These are the genuine individuals who authentically follow an influencer.

  2. Influencers: This metric denotes the percentage of other influencers who follow the influencer you are interested in.

  3. Mass Followers: Mass followers are accounts that are inactive and controlled by bots. They follow and unfollow services to grow their following.

Suspicious: Suspicious denotes the percentage of fake accounts created to improve an influencer's follower base.

Follower Types of an Influencer on

Age and Gender Split

Brands meticulously define age and gender parameters for their target audiences. With, brands gain access to precise data on the distribution of male, female, and undisclosed followers. 

Furthermore, provides a graphical representation that gives information about the influencer's followers across various age categories.

Age and Gender Split of Followers on


Brands prioritize creating influencer marketing campaigns that resonate with diverse cultural backgrounds to enhance inclusivity. Partnering with influencers who have followers from diverse ethnicities allows brands to integrate diversity.

 Ethnicities of followers

Audience Location

Some brands cater to people spread across various countries, while others concentrate solely on specific cities. Therefore, offers detailed analyses of followers 'Based on Countries' and 'Based on Cities'.

Audience Location on


Another vital factor for successful influencer collaboration is audience language distribution. It determines if your message reaches the right audience and is understood. Impulze provides the percentage of followers for each individual language, making influencer marketing simpler.

Audience Language

Notable Followers

Notable followers provide information on the other influencers and celebrities who follow the influencer of your interest. You can find the usernames of these influencers’ accounts and their follower counts. 

 Notable Followers of influencers on

Brand Affinity

When marketers have an idea of the brand affinity of an influencer's audience, they can understand whether the influencer aligns with the brand's values. Moreover, it helps them identify competitors and strategically position the brand. 

Brand affinities of Followers

Now you know why is the leading influencer marketing tool. It ensures that every brand collaboration is fruitful and drives an impressive ROI.

Why Should Brands Check Influencer Demographics?

Target Audience Alignment

A crucial aspect of successful influencer marketing is teaming up with influencers who align with a brand's target audience. These are the benefits of partnering with influencers with the right audience.

  • Relevance: 

When audience demographics align with your target audience, you can showcase your product or service to relevant audiences. Consequently, the positive engagement from the audience around your brand plummets.

  • Brand Trust:  

Most followers genuinely believe the recommendations of influencers. Influencers 'bridge the gap' between target audiences and brands effectively. 

Around 61% of followers prefer authentic and engaging content from influencers. When authentic influencers endorse brands, it helps brands build trust among audiences and drive results. 

In Europe alone, 52% of brands claim that influencer marketing brings them the highest ROI. 

  • Effective communication: 

With a clear idea about the followers' interests, brands can choose a communication style and tone that resonates with the audience. Conveying your message by captivating the target audience improves the effectiveness of the influencer marketing campaign.

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Effective Influencer Campaigns

Metrics like follower counts and engagement rates are valuable indicators of an ideal influencer. However, audience demographics matter most. It's not just about the numbers but also about reaching the right audiences.

Understanding and catering to the interests of the target audiences are what drive true campaign effectiveness. 

Maintain Brand Values and Image

It's critical to present your products to the right audiences to uphold your brand's value and image. For this, brands need details of the influencers' followers. 

Brands can develop a genuine connection with the audience by clearly understanding their preferences, age, gender, and location. This helps to tailor your campaign in a way that resonates with the audience and showcases your product flawlessly.

How to Check Influencer Demographics?

Curious about how to check influencer demographics for free? You aren’t alone,  most marketers are curious about the same. Be at ease. There are not just one but three ways to check influencer demographics for free.

Using an Influencer Marketing Tool:

The most effective and time-saving way to access influencer demographics is by using an influencer marketing tool like It has a vast global influencer database of 250 million. However, what will blow your mind is the accuracy and range of influencer demographics it offers. arms marketers with a wealth of influencer demographics, ensuring that data-driven insights guide each strategic move in influencer marketing. Here's how you can unlock influencer audience demographics with

Go to and click the Try it Free button from the top-right of your screen. to find influencer demographics

Enter your details to create your account.

Sign Up With for free

If you have an influencer in your mind, paste their account URL to access their information. You can also find influencers with using its audience and influencer filters.

Once you find your ideal influencer, select Save Influencer to add the influencer, and then choose View Profile.

On the influencer's profile, click the Generate Report button. Once the report is complete, click View Report.

Click the Generate Report button to access Influencer Audience Demographics

On the influencer report, scroll to Audience Details and access the following influencer demographics:

  • Followers Types

  • Age and Gender Split

  • Ethnicities

  • Audience Location Based on Country 

  • Audience Location Based on City

  • Language

  • Notable Followers

And here’s the kicker! gives you all-encompassing influencer demographics for free. 

Ask Influencers For Screenshots

Influencers have information about their audiences, and brands can ask them to share this data when they reach out to them. The data is different for different social media platforms, and going through this data can be time-consuming. 

This approach takes away some of the freedom marketers have in choosing influencers. While employing an influencer marketing tool, they only reach out to influencers with the perfect followers. However, in this approach, they reach out to influencers and then check if they have relevant followers.

Another downside of this approach is that marketers have to rely solely on the influencers' data. The data provided by the influencers may not be up-to-date and might result in a less effective campaign. However, having some information on the influencer audience demographics can be of better help than having no idea. 

  1. Instagram: Instagram Account Insights offers Instagram influencer demographics, such as top locations and age categories of followers.

  2. TikTok: TikTok's Analytics throws light on the countries and gender distribution of followers. 

  3. YouTube: The Analytics section from YouTube Studio reveals audience location data, age categories, and gender distribution.

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Manually Checking Demographics

Assessing an influencer’s social media engagement manually allows marketers to understand audience demographics. Marketers can begin by visiting these influencers' social media profiles and analyzing their recent posts.

The accuracy of this method is questionable as it depends on the marketer’s instincts rather than factual data. Moreover, it demands a substantial amount of time to gather data that is comparatively less accurate.


It’s highly logical that understanding audience demographics plays a pivotal role in successful influencer marketing. This data supports adapting the influencer marketing campaign to align with the audiences’ interests.

Considering the methods available to check influencer demographics, using an influencer marketing tool is more effective. These tools offer accurate influencer demographics like age, gender, and location.

But what makes stand out among other influencer marketing tools? sets itself apart from the crowd with its unmatched simplicity and seamless user experience.

Moreover, impulze.aii empowers marketers to check influencer audience demographics for free.

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