Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.

Save 90% of your time in recruiting the right influencers.


25+ Top Black Instagram Models In 2024

25+ Top Black Instagram Models In 2024

Mar 20, 2024



Instagram has grown from a photo-sharing app to a full marketing medium. From fitness and fashion to modeling, the platform now celebrates a wide variety of influencers. One such category is Instagram models. 

If you are looking for the top black models on Instagram, you have come to the right place. 

We have compiled a list of more than 25 black Instagram models, their profiles, engagement rates, and more. Go through them and see if you can find someone for your brand to collaborate with. 

#1. Frantzcesca Casimir: The Fitness Phenomenon 

Image Source: Pinterest

Insta Profile: @frantzcesca.casimir

Followers: 920K+

Engagement Rate: 2.67%

Frantzcesca Casimir is known for her fitness and modeling work. She uses her social media to share her fitness journey, tips, and stories from clients. Frantzcesca is famous among black Instagram fitness models, especially for showing how fitness and beauty can come together. 

If you are interested, here’s a list of the best fitness models in 2024.

#2. Nyakim Gatwech: Queen of the Dark 

Image Source: Allure

Insta Profile: @queennyakimofficial

Followers: 950K+

Engagement Rate: 0.88%

Nyakim Gatwech, called the Queen of the Dark, is famous for her dark skin and messages about loving yourself and embracing what makes you unique. She stands against typical beauty standards, encouraging people to appreciate their individuality. 

Her captivating beauty and strong advocacy for diversity have made her one of the hottest black Instagram models. 

#3. Donnell Blaylock: From Real Estate to Runway

Image Source: Instagram

Insta Profile: @therealdonnysavage

Followers: 390K+

Engagement Rate: 0.25%

Donnell Blaylock's journey from a real estate agent to a viral Instagram sensation is nothing short of inspiring. He shares his journey and experiences with his followers, proving there are many paths to success in modeling. 

As one of the prominent black male models on Instagram, Donnell uses his platform to share his modeling experiences and life beyond the camera. As a result, connecting with his audience on a personal level. 

#4. Channel Delisser: Fitness Icon

Image Source: Playbook

Insta Profile: @chaneldelisser

Followers: 1M+

Engagement Rate: 0.5%

Channel Delisser, a fitness trainer, has won over a million followers with her workouts and photos. She promotes living a balanced, healthy life, combining fitness with beauty. Her ability to blend beauty with fitness has positioned her among the hottest black Instagram models. 

#5. Alex Kaufmann: Yoga and Wellness 

Image Source: UPTOWN Magazine

Insta Profile: @bahayogi 

Followers: 370K+

Engagement Rate: 0.87%

Advocate Alex Kaufmann teaches yoga and wellness, focusing on flexibility, strength, and mental health. She inspires many to start practicing yoga and embrace positivity. 

#6. Adonis Bosso: Fashion's Favorite Son

Image Source: PAPER Magazine

Insta Profile: @septumpapi 

Followers: 230K+

Engagement Rate: 5.81%

Adonis Bosso, an Ivorian-Canadian male model, has left a significant mark in the fashion industry with his work. His striking features and compelling story have made him one of the most sought-after black male models on Instagram. 

Adonis's portfolio, filled with high-profile collaborations and runway shows, reflects his top-tier status in the modeling world, inspiring aspiring models worldwide. 

#7. Liya Kebede: Beyond Beauty 

Image Source: Harper’s BAZAAR

Insta Profile: @liyakebede

Followers: 260K+

Engagement Rate: 0.51%

Liya Kebede does more than model. She advocates for maternal health and uses her influence to highlight important global health issues as well. Doing so has positioned her to be one of the top black models on Instagram. 

#8. Beverly Johnson: A Living Legend 

Image Source: Page Six

Insta Profile: @iambeverlyjohnson

Followers: 90K+

Engagement Rate: 0.82%

Beverly Johnson made history as the first black woman on the cover of American Vogue. Her success as a model, actress, and businesswoman has made her an icon in the fashion industry and a source of inspiration for models everywhere.

#9. Jessica Nabongo: The Worldly Wanderer 

Image Source: Christina Gallbato

Insta Profile: @jessicanabongo

Followers: 240K+

Engagement Rate: 1.38%

Jessica Nabongo is a travel influencer and another black model on Instagram. She claims to be the first Black woman to visit every country. Through her posts, she offers insights into different cultures and places, inspiring travel lovers. This uniqueness makes her one of the most interesting black Instagram models to follow for those bitten by the travel bug. 

#10. Jackie Aina: Beauty with a Cause 

Image Source: Ebony Magazine

Insta Profile: @jackieaina

Followers: 1.9M+

Engagement Rate: 1.75%

Jackie Aina has utilized her platform to address the lack of inclusivity and racism within the beauty industry. As a beauty influencer and advocate, Jackie's work extends beyond makeup tutorials to include meaningful discussions on social issues. This sets her apart as one of the most influential black Instagram models today.

#11. Elaine Welteroth: Inspiring Young People 

Image Source:PR Newswire

Insta Profile: 

Followers: 730K+

Engagement Rate: 0.71%

Elaine Welteroth used to be the boss at Teen Vogue magazine. She made the magazine focus on important social topics, which a lot of young people liked. 

Now, she writes books and uses her social media to encourage and support others, making her a well-known and positive figure among black Instagram models and influencers. 

#12. Asiyami Gold: Mixing Fashion and Life Stories 

Image Source: The Cut

Insta Profile: @asiyami_gold

Followers: 310K+

Engagement Rate: 2.05%

Asiyami Gold creates content about fashion, travel, and her life, showing off her talent in design and storytelling on Instagram. She went from wanting to be an architect to becoming a well-known digital creator and business owner. Her work shows how following what you love can lead to amazing things. 

#13. Coco Bassey: Fashion and Adventure 

Image Source: Pure Wow

Insta Profile: @cocobassey

Followers: 300K+

Engagement Rate: 0.2%

Coco Bassey shares her fashion sense, travel stories, and personal growth on Instagram. She also talks about her adventures and elegant style. Her journey from starting out to becoming a successful influencer and businesswoman is very inspiring. 

It shows that being determined and loving what you do can lead to success, making her a top black model on Instagram. 

#14. Adwoa Aboah: Changing How We See Beauty

Image Source: British Vogue

Insta Profile: @adwoaaboah

Followers: 1.9M+

Engagement Rate: 0.79%

Adwoa Aboah is a top black model on Instagram who uses her fame to talk about important issues like mental health and women's rights. She's known for looking unique and has worked with big fashion and beauty brands. Adwoa stands out for encouraging people to be themselves and to care about others. 

#15. Temiloluwa Otedola: Fashion's Favorite 

Image Source: Media Room Hub

Insta Profile: @temiotedola

Followers: 2M+

Engagement Rate: 4.86%

Temiloluwa Otedola is an actress and one of the top black Instagram models. She shares her fashionable outfits, daily style, and travels, letting people see into her life. Temi also works on cultural and creative projects, showing that influencers can do many different things. 

#16. Chrissy Ford: Fashion and Mental Health 

Image Source: The Fashion Plate Magazine

Insta Profile: @chrissyford

Followers: 180K+

Engagement Rate: 0.52%

Chrissy Ford shares her journey in fashion while also supporting mental health causes. Her work as a writer, consultant, and advocate shows that influencers can help spread important messages about taking care of our minds and being kind to ourselves.

#17. Patricia Bright: Fun Fashion and Life Tips 

Image Source: Global Grind

Insta Profile: @patriciabright

Followers: 1.1M+

Engagement Rate: 1.86%

Patricia Bright loves sharing her fashion ideas, travel stories, and tips for everyday life with her many followers. She's also popular on YouTube, where she connects with people by being herself and sharing her experiences and advice. 

#18. Karen Blanchard: Vintage Fashion Expert 

Image Source: Instagram

Insta Profile: @karenbritchick

Followers: 260K+

Engagement Rate: 1.01%

Karen Blanchard is known for her great fashion sense, mixing new and old styles. She's popular among fashion fans for her ability to find and show off unique clothing pieces. Karen's work with famous brands and her presence at fashion events show her impact on the fashion world. 

#19. Courtney Quinn: Life in Color 

Image Source: D23

Insta Profile: @colormecourtney

Followers: 850K+

Engagement Rate: 2.02%

Courtney Quinn is all about wearing bright clothes and having fun with fashion. Her Instagram is full of colorful outfits and happy posts, encouraging everyone to show off their own style and find joy in the little things. 

#20. Ayaana Stevens: Fashion's Bright Future 

Image Source: Scoop Models

Insta Profile: @ayxvna

Followers: 26K+

Engagement Rate: 3.49%

Ayaana Stevens is well-known for her stylish Instagram posts and for being part of the famous Casely-Haysford family. She's gaining attention as a model and inspiring others with her sense of fashion. Her Instagram is a canvas that reflects her heritage, creativity, and the modern pulse of black fashion models. 

#21. Janaye Furman: Inspiring Model 

Image Source: Teen Vogue

Insta Profile: @iam_janaye

Followers: 12K+

Engagement Rate: 4.79%

Janaye Furman started her modeling career with Premier Models and quickly became known for her work with Calvin Klein. Her photos for Calvin Klein show her beauty and skill in telling stories through pictures. Janaye is an important inspiration for many, showing elegance and confidence as a model. 

She is also considered to be one of the top black Instagram models. 

#22. Lameka Fox: Fashion Show Favorite 

Image Source: Grazia

Insta Profile: @lamekafox

Followers: 400K+

Engagement Rate: 0.25%

Lameka Fox has walked in fashion shows for big brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Marc Jacobs. Also, she's been a Victoria's Secret Angel. Her work in fashion shows and advertising campaigns has made her a role model for many aspiring models. 

Lameka’s success as one of the prominent black Instagram models underscores the industry’s evolving standards of beauty. 

#23. Amilna Estevão: Young Talent 

Image Source: The Front Row View

Insta Profile: @officialamilnaestevao

Followers: 100K+

Engagement Rate: 0.1%

Discovered at 14, Amilna Estevão has had a fast rise in the fashion industry. Her influence grew as she started modeling for famous brands like Givenchy. Her Instagram shows off her modeling work and encourages young people to follow their dreams, especially in modeling.

#24. Blésnya Minher: Representing Angola

Image Source: Ver Angola

Insta Profile: @blesnyaminher

Followers: 50K+

Engagement Rate: 4.54%

Blésnya Minher from Angola is known for her work with top fashion brands and celebrates African beauty on the global stage. She's one of the most recognized black Instagram models, inspiring other models from Africa to reach for success in the international fashion industry. 

#25. Aleece Wilson: Unique Beauty 

Image Source: Purpose and Perspective Magazine

Insta Profile: @oddfreckles

Followers: 30K+

Engagement Rate: 3.81%

Known for her distinctive freckles, Aleece Wilson, or ‘odd freckles,’ is celebrated for her unique appearance. She promotes self-love and acceptance, making her a relatable and admired figure among those who follow her. 

#26. Babeth Lando: Diverse Talents

Insta Profile: @yaba.teth

Followers: 1000+

Engagement Rate: 5.95%

Babeth Lando is not just a model but also an actress, singer, and fitness instructor, showing the diverse talents of black Instagram models. She uses her wide range of skills to inspire and engage her audience in different aspects of life, standing out as a versatile and empowering figure. 

She is a nano influencer and will be suitable for local brands for collaboration.

#27. Lachae Bolds: Digital Entrepreneur 

Image Source: Instagram

Insta Profile: @lifeaslachae

Followers: 50K+

Engagement Rate: 0.17%

Lachae Bolds focuses on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, connecting with her audience in a meaningful way. Her success as a digital entrepreneur and influencer is a reminder of the powerful impact black Instagram models can have.

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